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Why Doesn’t Cardio Work for Weight Loss?

by | Jul 17, 2021 | How to Lose Weight | 0 comments

What is our association? If we want to be slim, have a small percentage of fat, then we need to do much cardio, and here you will be happy. It doesn’t work that way.

Wasting calories

When we get up on the ellipse track (especially in winter, we all do cardio indoors) and after 25 minutes of training on the ellipse, it shows 350-400 calories. Is it so?

Calories are generally a relative thing. Caloric content is the same waste of calories by your body. It depends on many indicators. And most likely, these indicators are overestimated, well, at least by 20%.

it depends on:

  • the number of muscles
  • what is your metabolism your
  • metabolic rate
  • and so on

Therefore, what your simulator writes to you where you burned 500-600 or even 700 calories per workout, divide well, at least by one and a half times, and maybe by all two. We are wrapped in these calories.

How Cardio Low Testosterone

An abundant large amount of cardio lowers the level of testosterone. It is unequivocal. All those who compete in triathlons are obliged to do strength work anyway. Because testosterone drops from large cardio loads, this has been tested on many. After participating in a marathon, athletes who returned tests and testosterone turned out to be at zero.

It applies not only to guys but also to girls because testosterone is responsible for gaining muscle mass and also for retaining muscle mass. Namely, muscles are the main metabolism in our body.

The more muscles, the lower the percentage of fat, and also, you can afford to eat more.

Therefore, in order not to lower testosterone, it is necessary to do strength training, including for girls, it is mandatory.


Hormones that are responsible for adaptation, are:

  • leptin
  • ghrelin
  • peptide
  • and cortisol, which is well known to us all

With frequent coaching, for example, 5-7 times a week, there is first an adaptation to the body and an adaptation to hormones. Adaptation to harmonics is responsible for spending calories to maintain your weight.

I think you have often noticed that within a few weeks, for example, you lose weight very well. And at some point, weight loss is suspended. All our hormones respond to this slowdown. So that this does not happen, we do not need to create an adaptation.

How to do cardio correctly?

Here you will also ask: what then works, what then to do in this case? First, no matter how it was, understand, there is nowhere without power work. Our body is so created. And for you to lose weight quickly so that you are slim, it is necessary to do strength training.

It does not mean that you need to train necessarily with maximum weight, maximum efficiency. It should be performed on all muscle groups, especially for girls in the lower part of the buttocks and the back of the thighs. And a man in general needs to train everything to be in good shape and have enough muscles so that the body works well.

So, the perfect combination is strength training with cardio. You can work together, for example, for 25-35 minutes after the power session. You can also distribute it all by day. If you have effectively conducted strength training today, then cardio should be postponed to the next day. It is the most effective way to lose weight quickly and become slimmer. Because power after you have done it for another 48 hours, you have an increased metabolism. And this has been scientifically proven more than once. It means that your calorie expenditure is increased for another 48 hours, unlike cardio, which immediately stops as soon as you are finished.

To find out more:

How to Burning Fat by Cardio Properly


As for the calorie, we think that after eating a chocolate bar, which has about 600 calories, we will work it out in one hour on an ellipse. That’s not how it works.

These are not the same calories. The good calories should correspond to a whole good product.


Just increase your activity during the day. What does it mean? If you drive to get to work, try walking. Even if you travel by public transport, you will make more physical movement than by car.

On weekends, you can arrange a bike ride or a short walk around the city, or in the best case, somewhere in nature.

It will increase your activity. Do exactly the load that you like. It will not bore you. Especially in warm seasons, increase your activity.

It all works very well in combination. one cardio of 20-30 minutes does not work so well.

How much should I do cardio?

And finally, how much to do cardio then? After the power work, a short session works well: 25-35 minutes at a low pace. There is no need to hurry anywhere.

Or for example, once or three times a week for 35 minutes, this will be enough. For example, interval training, where you intensively perform some exercise for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds. With rest of 2-3 minutes.

Or, for example, low intensity for training. For example, I rode a bicycle or a scooter or just went out on a low pulse.

It all works very well, rather than separate cardio. Do not deceive your body and yourself, especially about the calories you spend. And that only cardio will help you burn that same chocolate bar for 600 calories in one hour.

Therefore, cardio will not work in this case. I hope that this will help you to lose weight and slim faster. It is very important that you feel good and that you like yourself in the mirror.

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