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Lose Weight: 5 Life Hacks Without Fasting and Workout

by | May 29, 2021 | How to Lose Weight | 0 comments

According to statistics, every fourth inhabitant on our planet is overweight. If you think about it, this is a huge number. The problem of excess weight is rapidly getting younger. And now there are more and more overweight teenagers. And we all know the main rule of losing weight. First, to lose weight, you need to eat less, and secondly, to move more. Yes, this is indeed the basis, this is the basis, and we will not deny it because it is true.

Better Ways To Lose Weight

But in this article, I want to tell you about a few bonuses. Are there any ways, some life hacks, that you can easily add to your lifestyle to start losing even more extra pounds? There are such methods, and in this article, I will tell you about them.

1. Drink More Water

So, the first way to help you lose weight is to start drinking more water. The stomach’s receptors are so designed that they are often quite bad at distinguishing food from the water. Therefore, the stomach, filled with liquid, can signal the brain that it is full. So if you start drinking 2-3 liters of water a day, you will start eating much less. Moreover, it will be good for your health:

  • for the cardiovascular system of
  • the skin
  • and for many other organs.

Another technique helps many people start eating less – it is just before eating to drink a glass of water. Moreover, this lifehack is elementary, it is very simple, and it has changed many people’s lives. Just a glass of water makes us eat much less at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And so that would not feel the feeling of hunger.

2. Eat Slowly

It is a well-known fact that the pulse about saturation from the stomach to the brain goes about 20 minutes. That is if you ate-ate and then felt: “Finally, I’m full!”. Twenty minutes ago, this saturation occurred. Just the pulse to the brain went longer. That’s how our body works. Therefore, of course, you should always stop eating when you are not complete yet. Because measure it in 10-20 minutes, you will feel this saturation. And the way to eat slowly will help you in this.

If you eat slowly, you will be much less likely to overeat just the same in these critical 20 minutes. Unfortunately, in today’s fast pace of life, many people have developed the habit of chewing quickly, chewing throwing in.

Here you have eaten some hamburger, then a couple of bananas, and we feel that it seems like we are not satisfied. We should still catch up with a chocolate bar. And then after half an hour, we realize that we have eaten a little too much.

So we chew slowly.

There is also such a technique as cutting food into small pieces. That is, not to swallow huge pieces of meat and cut them into small ones. Salad is not to gain a huge spoon and take a little bit. By doing this, you will eat longer, satiety will come earlier, and you will eat less and for the same lunch. And you will not experience a painful feeling of hunger that is as if you did not eat anything.

3. The Coolness helps you to Lose Weight

Provide a light coolness in your home. Do not overheat it. Of course, you do not need to arrange a freezer in your house. But if you have a comfortable coolness of about 19-20 degrees Celsius. So that this is normal for you, then it will promote weight loss.

Because when the body experiences cold, it spends many calories on warming itself. Therefore, if, for example, it is cool outside in winter, open the window. In addition, airing is useful. The stale air hadn’t helped anyone yet. And the extra coolness will increase the number of calories. It may seem that this is insignificant. But I assure you, if you add up every day, multiply it by a month and then by a year. The result will be quite an impressive amount of energy that you have burned. And after a few months, the result may even be visible in the mirror.

4. Walk More to Lose Weight

Start walking more whenever possible. If you can go somewhere and not take a ride, take a walk. If you do not live too high up and can not use the elevator and start to climb the stairs, start doing it. Go to work not by public transport but by walking a little, walk too.

Even better, if you specifically start adding walks to your daily schedule. I’ll admit to myself how much it changed my life. Every day, before lunch, I take a forty-minute walk at a brisk pace. That is, until the middle of the working day. I decided that this is optimal for me. But you can choose any time for yourself. Morning-evening is all right. Even a half-hour walk a day is enough to notice that you have lost excess fat in a month.

And it works, and it’s simple and pleasant.

5. Measure Your Performance

Measuring your performance is an essential psychological technique. There is such an expression, “what is measured is improved.” It is some magic of our brain and consciousness. As soon as we begin to measure our weight regularly, we will strive for this weight to change. When we begin to measure our waist circumference, we will also begin to strive for it to change for the better. Suppose we start taking photos regularly, as an effect then and after. And track your dynamics.

That is if we have created certain criteria for ourselves. Whether it’s weight, waist circumference, a photo in the mirror, and keep an eye on it. Then we create our motivation to improve this indicator.

It’s amazing, but it works. We begin to strive for it, and we begin to want it. It becomes vital to us. It becomes necessary to us. that is, we make it a feature of our personality.

Story of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger once described such a story in his memoirs; when he was professionally engaged in bodybuilding, his calf muscles were very much behind. That was his weak point. But what did most athletes do in those days? If some muscle is lagging behind them, they hide it with clothes. The legs are lagging well. Then we will put on pants to hide our disadvantage.

But Schwarzenegger decided to go the opposite way. On the contrary, he began always to exhibit them. that is, he emphatically always wore shorts. Even when it was possible to go in pants, he still wore shorter shorts. So that everyone can see this flaw, and in this way, as he described, he created the motivation to work on them more. Suppose we make such a mindset. Then we will want to move a little bit less sweet a little bit more. Thus, the process of losing weight for us will be natural. And it will only bring us joy.

By the way, friends, write in the comments and how do you want to lose weight? Or maybe you have already lost weight before? Share your experience. It will be interesting.

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