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Losing Weight: Main Factor that Prevents it

by | May 3, 2021 | How to Lose Weight | 0 comments

  1. Adaptation
  2. How to avoid
  3. Studies
  4. How does this happen?
  5. How we do it?
  6. Conclusion

In this article, I will tell you about the main factor that prevents people from losing weight. And it does not allow you to burn excess fat and how to deal with it.

But let’s get to the point.

There is a calorie deficit, which must necessarily be. Eat the right balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Which allows you to lose weight efficiently and not damage your health. Yes, do not lose weight at the expense of muscles. For example, when you need to lose weight due to fat. We will not dwell on this in detail

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The adaptation that stops losing weight

The most important factor that prevents people from losing weight is the adaptation of the body. No matter what diet you are on, sooner or later, there will be a situation in which the body will stop the weight. Yes, it’s called adaptation.

If this adaptation did not exist, we would have long since disappeared as a species. Yes, and any war, any famine, any circumstances in which we lose our usual calories, the normal amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. We couldn’t survive it. Therefore, when you start to reduce the caloric content, no matter at the expense of what nutrients. The body adapts to this caloric content for some time. And then it goes to zero. And in principle, he is content with what you give him.

On the first day of fasting, a person throws off one and a half to two kilograms a day. Then after a couple of weeks, this figure reaches 150 grams per day. That is, imagine how much the metabolism can slow down in a person. And reduce energy consumption.

Naturally, all functions suffer from this. (by the way, this is one of the reasons why you do not need to sit on a strict diet for a long time). Because the exchange is still slowing down, and the expense is the immune system and other essential functions of the body. This should not be allowed.

Many people sit on a Low Carb diet for almost six months. And they kill their health as a result.

That’s not the point.

We will talk a little about something else.

How to avoid this adaptation of the body?

When do we losing weight best?

We losing weight best when we start changing calories. For example, you consume 3,000 calories today. The next day we lowered it to 2500 and lost weight to a certain number of kilograms.

The body has adjusted to the caloric content. I slowed down my metabolism and said enough is enough. We don’t lose weight anymore. You take a lower one yet. It takes some more time to lose a few more pounds. And the body again says: now you have adjusted to this caloric content, no longer lose weight.

There is such a concept. go for proper nutrition:

  • rice
  • fish
  • breast

And you will constantly lose weight. That’s no true.

You will lose weight exactly until the body adapts to this caloric content. And it will adapt to it in any case.

And thus, we effectively lose weight only when we create an energy deficit for the body in real-time.

We can’t say what.

Let’s say your weight is 80 kilograms. And your normal is up to 2,500 calories. Is it enough to lose weight? No.

Or today, your norm is 500 calories. Tomorrow there or in a week, your norm is already 2000 calories. And your body already has enough of this norm.

Therefore, the metabolism of this value is not constant. It changes depending on how many calories you give the body.

One study showed.

This works the other way around as well. When we start overeating, the metabolism accelerates not to get too fat.

Then you will get fat, but the body will slow down this process as much as possible. Because our body understands, if you do not slow it down, you will gain weight up to 200 kilograms in six months.

And as if the end will come:

  • our joints
  • you will fall somewhere
  • you will not be able to run to get food

For yourself, so the most effective way to lose weight as practice shows. This is a gradual decrease in caloric content while the body has not yet adapted to it.

Losing weight: How does this happen?

I’ve never counted calories. This is a stupid idea. You can do just fine without counting calories.

We begin to reduce the number of carbohydrates. this is primarily:

  • sweet foods
  • bakery products
  • other fast carbohydrates

Then we begin to reduce the number of complex carbohydrates. Lost weight. The body has also adapted. Again, we reduced the number of carbohydrates.

And so a gradual reduction in the number of carbohydrates in the diet. Which occurs within two to three weeks. Allows you to lose weight constantly and steadily. Then you usually get to the bottom of the calorie content. Where you already have very few carbohydrates in your diet.

After a month and a half, the body loses weight conditionally by 100/200 grams conditionally. Then the body includes all possible protective barriers. Slows down the metabolism. And then you effectively lose weight does not give.

And at this point, the most exciting thing happens. we can use this adaptation of the body to the caloric content.

How we do it?

We gradually begin to add complex carbohydrates to the diet.

  • Brown rice
  • dark-colored cereals

They contain a relatively large amount of fiber in their composition of low-glycemic groups.

By adding complex carbohydrates, the body begins to accelerate the metabolism again. But it is no longer gaining fat.

First of all, it begins to store glycogen as a simple source of energy.

At least if you do the download smoothly and gradually. And for two weeks or three weeks. We gradually add porridge to your diet to accelerate the metabolism.

Suppose for the previous two months, 15 kilograms were thrown off.

When only two were loaded, they played. as a result, -13 kilograms.

And the period that we were on a diet is relatively short, and the number of kilograms we lost is quite large. We have already reached the proper nutrition. Behind the shoulders, already to lose weight, we did not return it.

Then, after a few months, you can repeat this step. We are again phasing out carbohydrates from our diet. We get to the bottom. We’ve been sitting on this bottom for a while. And we start loading again.

These are the short stages during which the body does not have time to adapt. To the caloric content, constantly new, throw off the weight just like lightning.

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In practice, I can say this is the most effective and profitable scheme. Which allows you to get rid of excess weight in the short term without harming your health. And go out on proper nutrition just in great shape physical form.

No need to constantly sit on strict diets that you think will help you lose weight.

The basis of your diet should be classical. Carbohydrates for breakfast, some porridge with some protein products. Same for lunch. For dinner, it can already be just some vegetables with protein products.

It is such an essential diet. But in periods, you can carry out such stages of cut.

Do not try to find a diet that will allow you to lose weight constantly. That’s not going to happen. The body adapts to any diet that you give it.

In general, the main factor that prevents weight loss is the adaptation of the body. And it would help if you used this when reducing the amount of carbohydrates when the body constantly walks at each stage at each step when you lower. So when loading carbohydrates and when leaving the diet, we use them. Because the body accelerates the exchange and then adapts to this caloric content without returning what you threw back.

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