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Lose weight fast (and better) – Tips and contraindications

by | Apr 4, 2021 | How to Lose Weight | 0 comments

Is it Healthy?

Lose weight fast is NEVER a health necessity.

Instead, it is the widespread aesthetic need to remedy an equally rapid increase in body weight.

For this reason, the desire to lose weight fast by implementing a drastic “dietary and behavioral counteroffensive.”

Typically lights up in post-natal, post-holidays, post-injury, etc., periods.

In this regard, it should be emphasized that the need to restore the desirable physiological weight is, in any case, a real need.

Suppose no weight loss occurs at each increase. In that case, the body mass index (BMI) will gradually increase until overweight or obesity is on top.

Despite this need, in the light of the various contraindications of slimming too quickly.

I suggest carefully planning this process and avoiding too drastic approaches.

To avoid any misunderstanding.

I would remind you that elevated increases and weight decreases are NEVER advisable.

Logically, there may be a detectable fluctuation in weight in the absence of a health need.

Still, this fluctuation reaches 5-10% in very short periods (15-30 days). It is the warning sign of an eating disorder.

Both are losing too fast and getting fatter quick are negative consequences of an inadequate, relationship between energy in and energy out.

Lose weight fast contraindications

The contraindications mentioned above affect both the body and the psychological sphere.

Bodily contraindications of weight loss quickly: exceeding the calorie reduction in the diet can result in several side effects.

First of all, the reduced energy availability of the organism.

Many think (especially because of the misinformation online) that the body can automatically tap into the fat reserves instead of the calories taken with food.

This is only true in part, and it is never a linear equation.

Early weight loss results in blood glucose and liver and muscle accumulation; this condition impairs motor efficiency and brain performance.

Moreover, it cannot exclude that lose weight fast can lower blood pressure, especially in women.

Fairly regular frequency.

It is often accompanied by the aggravation (or the onset) of anemic conditions.

Finally, less essential but still worthy of note, the excessively rapid weight loss can compromise the trophy, strength, and ability to recover muscle in athletes.

Psychological contraindications of weight loss quickly: before going into extreme practices to lose weight fast.

It is also necessary to consider the psychological and educational aspects of the process.

First, the habit of rapidly increasing and decreasing body weight is largely due by bad food education.

Therefore, it is very useful to acquire and put into practice the main rules to prevent this from reappearing frequently and, possibly, worsening over the years.

Extreme weight loss practices are almost always associated with dissatisfaction with body image and continuous weight fluctuation (yo-yo effect).

This aspect underlies the mechanism for binging and compensation methods fasting, excessive motor activity, etc., to reach, in the worst-case scenario, a disturbance of food behavior.

This represents a perpetual motion that, if ignored, will become increasingly difficult to eradicate.

On the other hand, rapid weight loss is often a medical necessity.

There are situations where the above adverse effects take second place.

This is the case of large obese people with metabolic syndrome (or individual severe disorders) and potentially with a high risk of vascular cardio (atherosclerosis and hypertension).

Or people who, for one reason or another, have significant fatty liver steatosis or even the first signs of cirrhotic transformation.

To lose weight fast: health advice

To lose weight fast is subjective and not objective.

This means that everyone has no idea of what the right rhythm of weight loss can be.

In principle, to lose weight quickly means to lose between 3 and 4 kilograms per month.

At first reading, these may seem to be low-fat numbers.

Still, taking for granted a certain therapeutic constancy would result in an estimated reduction in body fat between 18 and 24 kg in 6 months.

The six-monthly measurement unit is deliberately preferred over the annual one.

Because, in general, it is always better NOT to extend low-calorie diets beyond the overall 6-8 months.

We will list below the nutritional characteristics of a correct diet to lose weight quickly.

WARNING! You will read my viewpoint based on the academic background and outpatient experience of diet and sports technician.

On the other hand, a superficial reading will never replace a professional’s intervention.

Guidelines to lose weight fast

  • HYPHAcalorie: means few calories and refers (in a personalized way) to the needs of the subject being treated. Therefore, it is possible to lose weight quickly by consuming less energy than is needed. This condition is achievable by reducing dietary intake and/or increasing energy consumption.
  • Nutritional balance: ensure the supply of all nutrients and nutrients sufficient to maintain a good state of health; it covers both the distribution of energy molecules (carbohydrates, lipids, protides, alcohol) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), as well as functional dietary components (fiber, phytosterols, lecithins, antioxidants, etc.).
  • Optimal meal breakdown and metabolic aspect management:
  • to lose weight quickly while staying healthy, it is necessary
  • to reduce the total calories as much as possible

Manage meals

  • The metabolic effect of meals. This means that when 1500kcal is taken, they should not be introduced in a disordered manner. But on a precise basis: at least 5-6 daily meals, 3 primary and 2-3 secondary meals with a higher energy load (in order) in lunch, dinner, and breakfast (assuming NORMAL consumption times). Also, by concentrating as much as possible (without dissociating) the insulin-stimulating molecules (glucose) in the hours of the most energy consumption (morning – afternoon), it is possible to reduce the fat deposits (always present, even if of small size) to the advantage of the final objective. No less, the choice of portions; this should be done with respect for personal tastes and correct the defects responsible for the weight increase.
  • Association with motor exercise: within individual possibilities, direct and indirect energy expenditure must be increased. The first is produced by motor activity. The other is during muscle recovery (with increased basal metabolism) and depends on the greater ability to absorb nutrients from the muscle tissue. That has previously undergone very intense and prolonged stress.

Food Choice

  • For several reasons, certain foods are more useful than others in slimming down quickly. First of all, these must possess a high volume, a few calories, and an excellent satiating ability. This includes products that are very rich in water, food fiber. Those that are low in fat, in contrast, the diet for losing weight fast excludes all junk foods (junk-food), dry or dehydrated foods, many sausages, and cheeses, desserts, sweet or alcoholic beverages, etc. Second, “live” foods, and therefore all “non-processed” foods in their natural forms, contribute much more than artifacts to the achievement of the recommended rations and the moderation of sodium, added sugar, additives, etc.

These are just a few guidelines to understand the right path to healthy weight loss quickly.

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