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Lose weight fast – Does it hurt?

by | Apr 4, 2021 | How to Lose Weight | 0 comments

  1. To lose weight: how does it happen?
  2. Lose weight fast
  3. Why is it hurting to lose weight fast?

Lose weight fast is an intervention, or rather a diet, that can help reduce a certain amount of body fat.

The term weight loss is often associates with weight loss, but both terms are NOT synonymous.

Therefore indiscriminately, and does not in itself have a “direct” protective effect from a metabolic point of view.

It is undeniable that lower joint load on the lower limb’s back and joints may be beneficial to the health of the obese.

But, in metabolic terms, it is not to weight loss but slimming that exercise a natural preventive effect.

On the other hand, in excess weight, the indiscriminate mass loss also involves reducing “fat mass” (fat mass – FM). Resulting in improved metabolic parameters.

However, I suppose there is no balance in the food therapy.

In that case, the risk is excessively affecting the muscle portion, which is present in the free fat (FFM) section.

Ultimately, to restore blood sugar values, cholesterol, triglyceridemia, blood pressure, ESR, uric acid, etc.

It is essential to carry out a slimming operation.

Which does not directly affect the loss of weight or rather indiscriminate body mass. But prefers fatty tissue consumption over lean tissue.

Weight loss: how does it happen?

To lose weight, you have to consume more energy (calories) then you intake (energy IN < energy OUT).

This may seem trivial, but it is a fundamental principle of weight loss that applies to calculate daily energy, both overall and in terms of allocation.

Knowing that a primary balanced meal allows you to maintain glucose homeostasis for about 4-7 hours (even if it requires support for a snack). 

In the diet, to lose the breakdown of total energy in individual meals MUST allow glycaemic fluctuation between the post-lunch (blood sugar increase) and the subsequent pre-lunch (glycaemic decline until recovery (ii) by taking the last step.

Glycemic descent indicates the use of the energy introduced with food. 

Therefore, by keeping the blood sugar level at moderate levels between meals and encouraging its early normalization. 

It is possible to mobilize fatty tissue thanks to the liberation of specific catabolic hormones (OPPOSITE to insulin, an anabolic hormone secreted after post-prandial blood glucose increase).

Therefore, to lose weight, it is necessary to introduce the right amount of energy (lower than the cost) and allocate it in such a way as to favor the catabolism of fatty tissue.

Lose weight fast

Limiting the STRESS of the organism is crucial to lose weight while remaining healthy.

To lose weight too fast is painful!

Some reasons why you have to organize your diet therapy. In such a way as to reduce body weight (fat) by about 3kg per month; of course, this value is subject to fluctuations.

So an interval between 2 and 4 kg per month, consider this acceptable.

Why is it hurting to lose weight fast?

There are many reasons why it is not advisable to lose weight quickly.

All of them depend on the fact that rapid weight loss achieve through less nutrition. And/or too high an energetic expense.

Reasons to do not eat less:

  • Stressful for your body: essential nutrients (AGE, AAE, vitamins, minerals) are not taken in the correct ratios and, in the long term, the physiological systems are significantly affected (including the immune system)
  • Stressful for your mind: a restrictive unbalanced diet induces a strong desire for “retaliation.” This is why (in the long term) the therapeutic outcome is almost always unsuccessful, with increased dissatisfaction with one’s own body and reduced self-esteem.
  • Debilitating to your muscles: catabolism systems (excessively stimulated) are NOT selective! This means that in addition to disposing of the fatty acids, they also use the amino acids extensively from muscle tissue, reducing their tropism and mass.
  • Promotes dehydration: the water requirement of each subject is approximately 1ml/kcal of energy introduced. But not all water is drunk! Part of it (500-700ml/day, about 1/4 or 1/3 of the total) enters the body through food which, when in short supply, does not satisfy the body’s hydration requirements.
  • An excessive energy expenditure achieved through physical activity to lose weight rapidly worsens all the 4 points mentioned above.
  • The subject is vast, but little technical detail relevant to readers would be necessary. All in all, losing weight too fast (>3kg/average month) is WRONG!
  • I recommend to all overweight or obese individuals to use a diet professional who, conscious of the above, will implement a calorie diet useful to lose weight at the right time (about 70%). While maintaining the client’s health status and preventing any unjustified psycho-physical stress.

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