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4 Habits that Kill your Brain and Generate Diseases

by | May 21, 2021 | Self-Care | 0 comments

Any of us wants to keep our minds clear to have a fresh brain, it was thought well, at least until old age for life.

And our brain is, perhaps, an essential organ of our body. And its condition depends on the health of our entire body and our well-being.

But sometimes, we ruin our brains. in this article, I have collected the main things that consume our brain and that everyone needs to know.

Does Herpes Virus is harmful to your brain?

The first thing that is harmful to our brain is the herpes virus.

Yes, the same virus that carries 90% of the adult population of the earth. That is, almost everyone has it.

Another question is that many people do not show it in any way. But they remain carriers.

Herpes Develops Alzheimer’s

Disease and the herpes simplex virus very often have such a manifestation as colds on the lips. Well, it’s just that such an ulcer appears periodically in the area of the lips. It may itch a little, and then it goes away.

So recently, there is more and more convincing evidence that this virus leads to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. That is, senile dementia, dementia. The insidiousness of Alzheimer’s is that if it has already appeared, it can not be cured. Nevertheless, you can prevent it, and in the early stages, you can greatly slow down its development.

So here’s what you need to know about herpes. First of all, it will most likely not be possible to avoid it, and even most likely, it has not already happened because it is usually found in an adult. If you do not show it in any way, then this is good, then you are lucky, so your immune system gave a proportionate response and coped with it.

But if you periodically have symptoms of the herpes virus. Then, of course, it is essential to take special antiviral drugs in the first 24 hours.

How can we prevent it?

I do not want to prescribe medicines because an individual specialist should do it. That is, it is not just some harmless ulcer on the lips. No. it was noted that those people who strongly manifested the herpes virus during their life. Especially those people who had two types of herpes at once had a very high chance of developing Alzheimer’s syndrome with age. And that is why it is so important to stop the manifestation of this virus.

The thing is that the herpes virus affects the nerve tissue. And the virus can be activated in the human brain repeatedly. The damage, as the researchers believe, can have a cumulative, i.e., cumulative nature.

Systematic Injuries for your Brain

The next one is a systematic brain injury. We’ve all heard that professional boxers often have brain damage. And yes, it has indeed been proven. Moreover, not only boxers but even football players have a severe risk. 

And this may seem strange at first glance, but it’s just football.

Yes, but if we are talking about professional football, their athletes constantly hit the ball with their heads, causing a strong impact on their brains.

An extensive study was conducted. It was attended by as many as 30,000 people – 7,500 professional football players and 20,000 control groups.

And what did the scientists find out? The same as professional football players with age. the probability of developing degenerative phenomena in the brain such as:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s

It has a higher chance as much as 3.5 times.

If you think about it, this is a colossal figure.

I certainly don’t dissuade you from playing football. If you like to chase the ball in the yard, please welcome. But there are serious risks if you hit the ball with your head, and the ball will be launched far away. If you look at how professional football players beat off swords with their heads. Then you think about what a strong blow it is.

Although with all this, this study also showed. what is the probability of developing:

  • cardiovascular diseases in professional football players are 20% lower
  • the probability of developing lung cancer is 50% lower%

So ideally, play football but don’t take the ball on your head.

The Impact Of Cell Phones to your Brain

This point is very controversial and ambiguous; it is the impact of cell phones. That’s where the discussions are still going on. Initially, when cell phones appeared, it was assumed that they could be very, very harmful. Even in the instructions for cell phones, they wrote: “do not bring the device closer than two centimeters to your head.” because, indeed, the radiation of a cell phone is there. It is objectively impossible to deny it. And it was assumed that this radiation could provoke the development of brain cancer. But later when people used phones more and more. And it’s been more than twenty years since almost the entire planet was hooked up to mobile phones. It has not been confirmed statistically that the number of cases of brain cancer has increased by order of magnitude much more. 

Thus, these concerns have now been seriously mitigated. And mobile phones do not frighten specialists much.

But there is one thing here. The fact is that neurologists and oncologists still admit the possibility that excessive interaction with a cell phone. It can potentially provoke the development of brain cancer.

Again. There is no clear evidence of what this will cause. But there are no refutations that it is safe.

oncologists have gradations of oncological factors:

  • factors that are proven carcinogens
  • and that are possible carcinogens

How to reduce the radiation of a cell phone during the day?

So the mobile phone is now considered a potentially possible carcinogen. and the recommendation here is the following:

  • of course, it is impossible to give up mobile phones, and you do not even need to be
  • unnecessarily afraid of them either most likely you should not
  • but some prevention is still worth introducing

First, do not put your mobile phone next to your head when you sleep. That is, do not put it directly under the pillow or next to the nightstand.

Or as I do, I still have it on the nightstand because there is an alarm clock, and I periodically look at the time. But I put it in airplane mode for the night. And this is rational because I still don’t want to receive incoming calls at night. The battery is not particularly low. And the radiation from if it can be cut here, let it still be less. 

The moment of peak radiation of a cell phone

although the background radiation from the phone is minimal, it rises to peak values in two cases:

  1. The first case: this is at the time of the conversation, that is, when you get a call, and you start talking, then the radiation from the mobile phone increases many times.
  2. The second case: is when you have a bad cellular connection (bad signal). For example, it is very far from the amplifier tower. Or you are in the basement.

Then the phone amplifies its signals because it is actively looking for a signal. And yes, first of all, there are concerns about the radiation of a mobile phone. Not a repeater tower that transmits a cellular signal, but rather a mobile phone.

Lack of Intellectual Load

The next thing that robs our brain is the lack of intellectual load.

There is even a large study where a clear correlation is found—those who did not receive education in childhood and youth. Have a higher chance of developing senile dementia and Alzheimer’s syndrome in particular.

In childhood, when a child learns to read and write and then in adolescence goes to school gets an education. He is given the intellectual basis that he will use for the rest of his life. If this is not laid down, then roughly speaking, “the brain muscle does not swing.” the brain does not work, and with age, it becomes quite obvious.

There are other studies where knowing more than one language reduces developing Alzheimer’s by 50%.

Neurologists also told amazing stories. Here they receive about the same time two people with strokes. Both have approximately comparable brain damage. And they are also about the same age. But it just so happened.

But one of them is a university professor, and the other is not a professor, and his activity is not related to the brain in any way.

So the professor’s recovery period takes two weeks. Two weeks later, he is already actively preparing for his performance and is thinking very well.

After these two weeks, a man who wasn’t a professor still doesn’t understand where he is and what is happening.


Therefore, the brain is, of course, perfectly amenable to training. The more we strain it, give it payloads, the more we “pump” it. That’s why it will be in the best shape.

I highly recommend you to read the article about 10 products that your brain is in love with and that are very useful for it. Just add these foods to your diet, and your brain will thank you so much.

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