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Foods without limits: Eat and Lose Weight

by | May 19, 2021 | What to Eat | 0 comments

Some foods are just perfect for weight loss. And you can consume them almost without restrictions.

Egg White

The first food on this list is egg whites. It is an ideal source of amino acids that are perfectly absorbed and have extremely low-calorie content. It can also include other high-protein food with a low-fat content such as:

  • squid fat-free
  • cottage cheese

By the way, there is an opinion that you can also get better from protein. Supposedly, the body can make glucose from amino acids and fat from glucose. It’s more of a fantasy. And if you look at the scientific data for 2012 conducted in France. Then we will see that 23 grams of protein obtained from chicken eggs were synthesized only 3 grams of glucose. And the data for 2009 show the synthesis of only 26 grams of glucose and 170 grams of protein. Which is only 14 percent, and it’s glucose, not fat.

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At the same time, let’s estimate how much you need to eat to get 170 grams of protein.

100 grams of the egg contains approximately 12.5 grams of protein. In one egg is about 7 grams. The whites of one chicken egg without the yolk are about 4 grams. And 170 grams of protein will be in about 42 egg whites. And even if you master this amount purely theoretically, you will get around 25 grams of glucose. Which, with a very high probability, is not synthesized at all in 1 gram of fat.


The fact is that the body easily synthesizes the fat content of the glucose that quickly got used and got into the blood. It is an easily accessible way to accumulate fat. But if you eat protein, the picture is already different.

First, to digest protein, we need to spend about 30 percent of its caloric content on assimilation. Then the energy consumption for glucose synthesis. Then the energy consumption for the synthesis of fat from this glucose. It’s not profitable. And the energy consumption for the synthesis of 1 gram of fat in the best case will be equal to the energy obtained from this fat. Our body doesn’t work that way. His task is to spend a minimum of effort to synthesize a maximum of energy. Therefore, the glucose that will be synthesized from the protein will go to the NDK provision. 

What other foods can I eat without restriction?

Basically, this is:

  • green vegetables
  • broccoli
  • cucumbers
  • leafy greens
  • and more

Also, dummy foods, which are made from seaweed, for example. Such foods contain almost no calories and can be a great addition to green vegetables or used as some independent dishes. A serving of this mix will contain only a few calories.

Protein alternative of foods

Protein is also a protein concentrate. And you can use it almost without restrictions. But it is important to look carefully at the composition. Ideally, it should be a pure protein concentrate, preferably an isolate, without:

  • carbohydrates
  • colorants
  • flavorings sweeteners

To such a protein, you can independently add some cocoa powder or other fillers.

And if you can not live without sweets, it is better to take some flavor version of the type of chocolate. 

But do not forget that constantly sitting on a low-fat or low-carb diet is not safe for health.

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I told you about the foods that you can eat without restrictions. But I do not urge you to eat only them.

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