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Water lemon in the morning: the way to improve your health

by | May 17, 2021 | Foods | 0 comments

Today we will discuss such a popular habit as drinking water lemon in the morning.

This habit is mainly dividing into:

  • drink plain water
  • drink water with lemon

No matter what your impressions are if anyone has already tried or practiced it.

We always try to find scientific evidence for this or justify it if we do not have any clinical studies.

Let’s see if this is as good as they claim.

Well, they say that water in the morning triggers peristalsis. A person begins to work the gastrointestinal tract, and if there are any problems with constipation, these problems are easily solved.

It is also claimed that water in the morning contributes to:

  • detoxification of the body
  • weight loss
  • improves the quality of the skin
  • strengthens the immune system

Justification and proof of the benefits of water with lemon

Suppose it is taken together with lemon juice. Lemon juice, if added, is also considered to be able to give some amount of ascorbic acid and vitamin c to the body.

Finally, water use with lemon is a prevention of the formation of kidney stones or even promotes the dissolution of stones, depending on what stones they are made of.

Let’s see if this is true. And we will also analyze the question of what temperature the water should be cold neutral or warm.


There is no difference in principle. There are no studies that would show that such water is preferable. Therefore, focus on your feelings.

Does the water taken in the morning contribute to rehydration, the restoration of water reserves in the body?

Yes, it does. But just like any other water that you drink, for example, not in the morning at lunch and eat soup. Therefore, there is no fundamental value in the morning or the evening or the afternoon as long as we keep the daily balance.

But how do you know how much water you need individually?

Find out more:

How Much Water You Need?

Does taking dietary supplements contribute to detoxification?

Well, yes, it is not necessary to take it in the morning.

Promotes skin improvement?

In principle, again, if a person is sufficiently hydrated, his skin looks better and more elastic. And again here it is not necessary to drink water in the morning.

Water with lemon as a source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Is the addition of lemon such a useful source of ascorbic acid and therefore an antioxidant and therefore inhibit or are all the bad processes related to the accumulation of free radicals in our body?

Yes, the amount of ascorbic acid in half a lemon is usually as much as is required when following this habit of half a lemon per glass of water.

There, the amount of ascorbic acid depends on the daily requirement. That is, to put only on the use of lemon to compensate for vitamin c 1.6. that is, not much; you still need to consider other sources of vitamin C.

Prevention of urolithiasis and dissolution of kidney stones. The use of water with lemon

And finally, if you have

  • urolithiasis
  • excessive amounts of oxalates (i.e., oxalic acid salts)

Then you can help by drinking water with lemon juice because lemon is a source of citric acid (citrate).

Citrate in the urine binds to calcium, so that this calcium is not available for binding to oxalic acid residues. Thus, in the urine, calcium compounds with citric acid are formed. It is soluble and easily excreted from the body.

Well, if this calcium interacted with the oxalic acid residue, then calcium oxalates would be formed. And calcium oxalates make up about 80% of all the stones that are formed in our body. Therefore, the use of water with lemon in the morning is very good for preventing urolithiasis caused by the formation of calcium oxalates.

You may think that this is paradoxical, but it is true. Citric acid increases the pH of the urine. That is, it makes it more alkaline. True, some studies do not find such a connection, but some show such a connection.

And increasing the pH of the urine in the formation of stones that consist of uric acid, the so-called urates, is very useful. That is, the more alkaline the matcha is, the better the uric acid salts will dissolve in it. And this also prevents stone formation, even prevents and promotes the dissolution of stones formed from uric acid. That’s what’s important.

You will not dissolve the salad stones. You can only prevent them from forming further. But the stones that are formed from uric acid salts are pretty susceptible to regression.


useful in the use of water with lemon in the morning:

  • this is the prevention of urolithiasis and in some cases the dissolution of stones if they are formed from uric acid,
  • this is some source of vitamin c.

And finally, it can be a good tool for some people to start intestinal peristalsis. All other statements about water in the morning with lemon or without lemon are not confirmed by practice. It is not essential to drink this water in the morning or the afternoon, or the evening. If only you do not have enough for a day.

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