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Bread: Alternatives with a Low Carb

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Foods | 0 comments

  1. How not to give up bread
  2. Low Carbs bread
  3. Rye bread
  4. Protein bread
  5. Low-carbs alternatives to bread

How not to give up bread

Bread is relatively high in carbohydrates, making it food be limited in the diet of some people with diseases such as diabetes and obesity, which could benefit from the use of low-carb alternatives to bread. The main ingredient in bread is flour, ground wheat-containing starch, a complex carbohydrate.

The most common and readily available alternative on the market is brown bread. It certainly tastes more dietetic, almost as much as it does, but it boasts less fat internally.

But if you want to do one more step and replace the bread completely, it’s better not to fold on alternatives like crackers, which have a much higher starch content, fat, and salt than bread.

On the market, it is possible to find several products that will replace bread, such as rice or maize hens, which are satiable and have no yeast and therefore prevent abdominal swelling, or zero bread, which is dietary because it is made without salt and yeast.

Low Carbs bread

Whole Bread

Wholesale bread, also known as black bread, is made from a dough of whole cereal flour, which is unrefined. Naturally rich in fiber, it helps control weight and prevents heart disease. Not only that, fibers help regular intestinal transit. Wholesale bread helps prevent diabetes because it does not cause glyceric peaks, as is the case with other types of bread. Such as the classic type o meal; this is due to the presence of the bran representing the whole grain.

Almond bread

Those who wish to find an alternative to low-carbohydrate bread can try almond bread. The almond bread is produced using almond flour mixed with the eggs to give this baked product a consistency that is an intermediate point between bread and cake. Almond bread has the advantage of being gluten-free.

Soya bread

The soy bread is prepared from soya meal, derived from the grinding of the seeds, and is naturally gluten-free. It is helpful for those with protein shortages. It is a bread suitable for celiacs and particularly suitable for those on a vegetarian diet. Soya bread contains fewer starches than ordinary bread, making it more digestible and containing more readily usable simple sugars.

It has a lower glycaemic index and is therefore particularly marked in diabetics or protein diets.

Rye bread

Rye bread is a dark bread rich in fibers, vitamins in Group B, and minerals, almost potassium and iron. But deficient in calories, which is mainly used in the cuisine of northern Europe, where it originates. It is traditionally made from a mixture of rye flour and wheat flour, or only rye, such as pumpernickel, the wet black bread, without a crust, is also found in the organic shops in Italy, or the ruisreikäleipä, the Finnish gold, and crunchy doughnut bread.

Rye bread is particularly satiable, with a small number of carbohydrates and a good amount of fiber that makes it useful in constipation and bad digestion. This type of bread is also suitable for gluten intolerant, diabetic and high cholesterol sufferers. Rye has a low glycaemic index, which means that fibers help keep blood sugar levels under control.

Protein bread

Protein bread is a particular type of bread added with protein elements and obtained from dough water, flour, yeast, and protein powder. Its peculiarity is that it’s protein-rich: A slice could be as high as 10-15 grams as the 2 grams of traditional bread. It also contains far fewer carbs.

There are several recipes for protein bread. A recipe that is perfectly natural for bread with high protein content and low carbohydrate is obtained by pasting:

  • 50 grams of lupin flour
  • 75 grams of soya meal
  • 75 grams of oatmeal
  • 170 grams of integral wheat flour
  • 100 grams of oilseeds (flax, sunflower, e.g.)
  • 100 cl of lukewarm water
  • a spoon of olive oil or sunflower seed or soya bean
  • Salt
  • yeast

Low-carbs alternatives to bread

There are several low-carb alternatives to bread and snacks rich in salt and fat like crackers.

  • Scandinavian crunchy bread, mainly used in Finland and Sweden
  • Rice, corn, or oats.
  • Wholesale pita

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