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50 High-Fiber Foods per 100g

by | Apr 18, 2021 | Foods | 0 comments

  1. How Much Fiber?
  2. Which Fiber Foods?
  3. Benefits of Regular Fiber-Rich Food Consumption

How Much Fiber?

What’s the Daily Fiber Requirement?

High-Fiber Foods have a protective effect on obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. The daily needs for Fiber are 30 g per adult and 0,5 g per kg body weight in the child, with an insoluble/soluble ratio of 3:1.

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Food Fiber Excess

Which Fiber?

What kind of Fiber is contained in different foods? What foods contain the most?

SOLUBLE FIBER: pectins, gums, mucilage, galactomannansINSOLUBLE FIBER : cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin (not a carbohydrate)
FOODS: legumes and fruit FOODS: whole grains, vegetables
FUNCTIONS: (gel formation)FUNCTIONS: (retain water)
Gastric emptying times slow down (> sense of satiety);they increase the fecal mass ;
They slow down / reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol .accelerate intestinal transit;
They reduce the contact times with harmful or toxic substances.

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Importance of Fiber Foods

Foods with a Higher total Fiber content (per 100 g.)

FoodsTotal fiber content (g / 100 g)
wheat bran42.40
Broad beans , dried21.10
White kidney beans, dried, raw17.60
Beans, dried, raw17.50
Cranberry bean, dried, raw17.30
Peas, dried15.70
Pop corn15.10
Flour, rye14.30
Lentils, dried, raw13.80
Chickpeas, dried, raw13.60
Black-eyed beans, dried12.70
Almonds, sulci, dried12.70
Soy, dry11.90
Flour, soy11.20
Peanuts, roasted10.90
Wheat, hard9.80
Common wheat9.70
Pearl barley9.20
Dates, dried8.70
Flour, whole wheat8.40
Black truffle8.40
Plums, dried8.40
Lentils, dried, boiled8.30
Hazelnuts, dried8.10
Dark chocolate8.00
Artichokes , boiled7.90
Beans, dried, boiled7.80
White kidney, dried, boiled7.80
Flour, oats7.60
Broad beans, dried, shelled7.00
Beans beans, dried, boiled6.90
Brewer’s yeast , compressed6.90
Bread, wholemeal type6.50
Peas, fresh, stir-fried6.40
Peas, fresh, raw6.30
Walnuts, dried6.20
Biscuits, wholemeal6.00
Broad bean, fresh, sautéed5.90
Chickpeas, dried, boiled5.80
Chickpeas, canned, drained5.70
Cranberry bean5.50

Benefits of Regular Fiber-Rich Food Consumption

What benefits can be derived from the regular consumption of Fiber-rich foods?

  1. Transcription during intestinal transit of foods, with reduced unwanted fermentations.
  2. The slowdown of the gastric transit time reduced the absorption rate of the sugars taken together with the Fiber (reduced glycemic index).
  3. Increased fecal mass, which facilitates removal functions (cellulose).
  4. Increase in the food satiety index.
  5. Reduction of cholesterol levels (in particular for pectin and soluble fibers).
  6. Reduction of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances (and heavy metals) in the intestinal tract.
  7. Enrichment of the gut flora with useful micro-organisms.
  8. Strengthening the wall of the entire digestive tract, with the prevention of diverticulosis (degeneration of the intestinal wall).
  9. Prevention of colon cancer and gastric ulcer.
  10. Reduction of the assimilation of intake calories due to the “entrapment” of the calories themselves in fibrous structures.

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