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10 Food Combinations That Can Harm Your Health

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Foods | 0 comments

Have you ever eaten a salad with tomato and cucumber? I think so because each of us has eaten this salad. But the problem is that nutritionists unequivocally say: it is not recommended food combinations of these two vegetables. And also: have you, for example, ever drunk hot tea with honey? And after all, we have all heard that this is a very useful combination. But in fact, hot tea with honey is a poison that should not be consumed in any case.

The fact is that some foods individually can be very useful. But if we combine them, they become very harmful. Or they are very poorly absorbed and interfere with our digestion.

What are these foods and what can not be mixed, in this article I will tell you about them? And looking ahead, I can say that some of the combinations are very unexpected and can bring you a particular surprise.

1. Cucumbers and tomatoes

The first two foods that should not be mixed are cucumbers and tomatoes. Although here, of course, you will ask me a question: well, this is a classic combination, this is the simplest salad-a tomato, a cucumber. But, it turns out, nutritionists do not recommend such a combination. The thing is that you have all heard about the acid-base balance in the body and the fact that an acidic environment prevails in our stomach. Well. Tomatoes are an acidic food, and cucumbers are alkaline ones. Therefore, when acid begins to be released in the stomach to digest cucumbers, tomatoes start to ferment. And all this interferes with the assimilation of food and leads to bloating and flatulence.

2. Soda and menthol

Soda and menthol. The second combination is, oddly enough, soda and any gum or candy with menthol. You, of course, have seen these experiments when Coca-Cola is mixed with menthol, and what a fountain occurs. Now imagine that if you at least drank a Coke and ate menthol-flavored gum, about the same fountain occurs in your stomach. And this includes not only “Mentos” but also any sweets that have a menthol taste.

3. Meat and flour

The following combination is meat and flour. And flour will include both bread and pasta. And dishes that use both meat and flour at the same time are, for example, dumplings. Of course, a ham sandwich is such a popular breakfast dish. Of course, it is even worse if it is a fatty meat, for example, pork. Because here, in general, a combination of fats with simple carbohydrates is obtained. But not very fatty meat with flour will be combined so-so because meat protein in combination with gluten from flour foods will disrupt the fermentation process in your body. And, if you regularly sin like this, you can get digestive problems. It can be a stagnation in the gallbladder, and constipation, and flatulence, and so on along the list.

4. Meat and fish

Of course, people also often violate this rule, and I understand them perfectly. If, for example, there is a feast, there are many foods, then, most likely, there will be both meat and fish. But it is after such a feast with both meat and fish. People will feel a heaviness in their stomachs. And all because mixing fish and meat will lead to the rotting of the same meat protein in the intestines. And in general, this combination is a very big load on your digestive tract.

5. Fruit food combination

The next item is fruit. Fruits, in general, are quite capricious in this regard. They are generally not recommended to interfere with the main meal. And it is much better if you take fruit at least half an hour after lunch. It is better to divide them even more. And the thing is that ordinary food, that is, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that we consume, as a rule, are digested much longer than easily digested fruits during the day. Therefore, if we mix our usual food with fruit, it will delay the same fruit in our digestive tract, and it will have to wait until everything else is digested. And because of this, our fruit will begin to ferment, provoking the processes of gas release. Hence the bloating and digestive disorders.

We should also say about the combination of any fruit with dairy foods. This is where things get even worse. in no case should you interfere:

  • milk
  • yogurt
  • cheeses

With any fruit, especially citrus fruits, for example, an orange, some berries are also quite acidic. The thing is that sour varieties of berries and fruits will provoke the clotting of milk in your stomach. And again, this increases the fermentation processes in the intestines.

6. Fermented milk foods with fruits

And another separate point should be said about fermented milk foods in combination with fruits. It is even worse. If we take live yogurt with real bifidobacteria, it should never be mixed with fruit. Because it is those bifidobacteria contained in yogurt or kefir that begin to react with sugars from fruits, forming toxic substances. So in general, in order not to harm yourself, there is one simple rule: take fruits separately from the main meal and everything will be simple, clear and easy.

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7. Sugar with trans fats

The next item that is perhaps the most dangerous of all this list is simple sugars with trans fats. 

What are trans fats? It is not when ordinary fats have gone through chemical treatment. That is, there was unrefined oil and became refined. There was palm oil and became oil for dairy food. Trans fats are found in almost all confectionery foods. They are also found in ice cream and chocolate, especially in milk and white chocolate, as well as various cakes, desserts, and so on along the list. And in all these foods, in addition to trans fats, there is also sugar, large doses of sugar.

Abusing this combination is a sure way to severe problems of the cardiovascular system. By themselves, spenders are one of the most harmful components that are contained in our modern food. And if we use these food combinations with sugar, we harm ourselves even more. It’s just a rattling mixture.

Trans fats are very popular because it is a very cheap way to create a fat juicy food. That is, it will be delicious for the consumer, and it will be very inexpensive for the manufacturer to produce it. That’s why spenders have become so popular.

There are the worst food combinations that you can avoid and feel better

8. Soda with alcohol

It is, of course, a very common combination. Take a soda mix with strong alcohol and get such a strong and sweet one at the same time. But it is worth knowing that it is very harmful to the gallbladder and liver. This combination creates an extremely high load on these organs. And any gastroenterologist will tell you: if you can’t resist alcohol, well, at least share it with soda, do not take them together.

Another negative phenomenon from this combination is that it will be absorbed much faster through the intestinal walls into your blood if you mix alcohol with soda. And this means that you will get drunk much faster and stronger, and there will be much more significant problems with a hangover.

9. Mixing Raw and cooked vegetables

That is, for example, we ate some salad of fresh vegetables and mixed it all with some vegetable roasting. Almost always, this combination leads to incomplete assimilation and disruption of the digestive process. Therefore, it is optimal to eat either only heat-treated vegetables or only fresh ones. That is, to separate them by time.

10. Honey with Hot food

there are many recipes when they are used, for example:

  • honey on pork ribs. So the meat turns out to be very sweet and pleasant to the taste.
  • Or, for example, they bake apples with the addition of honey.
  • Or even a classic combination of adding honey to hot tea.

So honey should never be mixed with anything burning under any circumstances. And the whole point is that, during heat treatment, honey releases carcinogenic substances. And this means that it will provoke cancer. Therefore, if you are used to drinking tea with honey, then at least wait for the tea to cool down a little and then add honey. Do not add it to boiling water.

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