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Muscle Growth: How To Speed Up It and what it Stop

by | May 10, 2021 | Bodybuilding | 0 comments

In this article, I will answer some questions about the speed of muscle growth and how this speed can be affected.

It will be very useful to anyone who believes that his muscles grow more slowly than they could.

Natural limitations of Muscle Growth

The first thing I would like to start with is the natural limitations.

A woman carries a child for 9 months, and the fetus will not form faster even if you feed the mother a huge amount of protein. And make you sleep twice as much.

There is a specific rate of cell construction in our body, and we can hardly influence it. But some factors can slow down this speed. It is not about pregnancy, where the body throws all its forces at the formation of the fetus. And let the mother’s hair fall out better, but the child will form everything as it should. It is nature.

What stop Muscle Growth

In muscle growth, everything is a little different. If there are any threats to health or survival, muscle growth is automatically put on the back burner.

Thus, if a woman shoals with food during pregnancy, the fetus will still develop quickly, and everything that is missing will be taken from the mother’s body. And the mother’s body will tell you, eat chalk or putty from the wall.

In the body of a jock, everything will be more accessible. If something is not enough for muscle growth, then the muscle will not grow or slow down.

If there is not enough protein, say, when men have, for example, for immune function. Then the body is more likely to waste its muscle cells than to allow drawdowns in immunity.

I hope you caught the difference.

And to ensure the maximum genetically set rate of muscle growth, you need to not interfere with the body to build them.

And how can we prevent this?

  • too frequent workouts
  • total overload
  • lack of appropriate adjustments in the program
  • just a bad program
  • lack of nutrients
  • sleep

Do you like to drink alcohol regularly?

Nice One. Only now part of the resources that could go to recovery will go to neutralize toxins and immune function.

I’m not trying to make everyone on earth a teetotaler. But I do not recommend drinking alcohol systematically.

Successful progress is the right balance of the load, rest time between workouts. If this ratio is optimal, you will grow as fast as possible according to your genetics.

If not, then no, respectively.

But if the current program requires you to restore your legs for 10 days, then you will not speed up this process in any way. Just don’t slow down. And all the articles and tips for accelerating growth from different experts will come down to the suitable balance of protein, fat, and carbs to promote the use of training accessories. And so on.

But I repeat that the maximum growth rate of 90% is achieved by the optimal load and recovery time ratio.

Everything is already invented; you do not need to invent a bicycle.

  • We do split exercises on average three times a week we
  • control our number of rejection approaches
  • gradually try to increase working weights in exercises
  • eat enough carbohydrates to gain weight, but in parallel, we do not grow a large belly
  • consuming at least one and 1.5g of protein per 1 kilogram of weight
  • we use available sports supplements with proven effectiveness, such as creatine

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And here is your happiness.

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