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Home Furniture: Never Keep These 6 Things at Home

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Healthy Home | 0 comments

Sometimes, the harm to our health can be brought by those Home Furniture we did not expect at all. And many things in our everyday life, in our homes and apartments, cause serious harm to the body. And this, of course, is necessary to know.

Chipboard material

The first thing to mention is chipboard and is very often used to make home furniture. And the problem with chipboard is that it contains a very large amount of formaldehyde. And the highest concentration of formaldehyde is found in those apartments that have just delivered new chipboard furniture. This substance is carcinogenic. And too active inhalation of formaldehyde vapors is fraught with the development of oncology.

Although there is, of course, one pleasant circumstance – over time, the release of formaldehyde from old chipboard furniture decreases. So if you have chipboard furniture that is already many years, you can not throw it away. But new home furniture made of chipboard is better, of course, not to buy.

Synthetic carpets

The fact is that very often, and they have a rather toxic impregnation. You can even conduct a small experiment-go to the carpet store, where many synthetic products are laid out, and breathe the local air. If you do not want to leave immediately, then you are a very persistent person.

But to compensate for this story, too, in principle, it is possible. If you bought a new synthetic carpet and feel that it smells, do not immediately lay it in your bedroom. It is recommended to store it for a couple of weeks in the unfolded from somewhere not in your apartment. Maybe in the garage, in the country, or negotiate with a neighbor, or at least on the balcony – this is also not bad.

Moth remedies

I must say that this is one of the most dangerous substances with which we can interact.

Of course, there are such old, long-proven folk remedies as lavender, strawberry soap, orange peels. It is, in general, a harmless thing. Although not very effective. They help deal with prominent representatives. But with larvae, they are useless.

So if we take the famous naphthalene, then in many countries of the world, it is generally prohibited for sale because of its extreme toxicity. At the same time, the peculiarity of naphthalene is that it is not very effective in small dosages.

And so, really, to have a good effect on the moth, you have to use quite a killer dosage. And you can get poisoned from naphthalene. It is not uncommon for people to sort out the pantry and get chemical poisoning. Well, because there were previously mothballs. Moreover, American researchers have concluded that naphthalene is also a carcinogen. And long-term interaction with naphthalene is detrimental to our red blood cells, that is, red blood cells.

But other substances are not naphthalene. And those that contain such a substance as paradichlorobenzene. and they are in general also toxic to our body:

  • cause allergic reactions
  • strongly irritate the mucous membranes
  • cause asthma attacks

Laser printers

The next point is quite unexpected, but nevertheless, it does not become useful from this; these are laser printers.

Australian scientists have even conducted a study and concluded that regular interaction with laser printers could cause harm comparable to secondhand smoke.

The problem is that when the laser printer is working, it emits the smallest particles of printing powder in the air. And they can get into our lungs. As a result, we may have problems with the respiratory tract. And also develop chronic diseases.

Therefore, if we interact with a laser printer, for example, on duty, then, of course, it is better to ventilate this room at least open the window. Well, if possible, contact him in working conditions less. For example, turn it on, let it type, go to another room, and wait until it all settles down.


And yes, of course, their use of furniture upholstery could save a large number of lives. Because it really prevented fires.

And indeed, at first, it seemed that polybrominated diphenyl ethers are an amazing thing in our everyday life. But later, it became clear their downside.

For example, these substances were used to treat mattresses. Because people often stood up for an unopened cigarette, the mattress caught fire, and there was a fire. But after a few years, it became clear that those people who slept on such mattresses began to develop serious chronic diseases of the central nervous system and internal organs.

And now many experts even recommend not to use these substances in our home. Although here, of course, you need to evaluate all the pros and cons. if you often fall asleep with an unopened cigarette, just evaluate which risks outweigh.

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Lead paint

Very often, the walls of houses and apartments are painted with lead paint. They certainly have their advantages. This paint will not crack, and it will not peel off. But the problems begin if this paint still breaks.

Because we will start inhaling dust that contains lead compounds, this is especially harmful to children because even a small concentration of lead in the air can affect our central nervous system and our blood and kidneys.

There is even such a recommendation. If you want to update the paint in your home, then you should not do it yourself. It is better to call specialists who will have appropriate respirators (if they care about their health), and they will remove this paint from the surface and update your walls.

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