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Weight Loss Supplements: The Most Effective

by | May 2, 2021 | Pills and Supplements | 0 comments

There are hundreds of different weight loss supplements that directly or indirectly help you lose fat. But I will try to give you the best recommendations based on my experience. And I will explain which supplements will be the most preferred and which ones are better to give up.

Each supplement, regardless of whether it is to gain weight or to reduce the fat layer. It should fit into your specific diet and your training regime.

It isn’t easy to give a 100% recipe specifically for you. However, there are standard, typical options that most often suit the majority.


Not a weight loss supplement

It is the same protein found in eggs, meat, or other similar high-protein foods. In most cases, the protein from the classic diet is not enough.

Recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • It is 1g. of protein per 1kg of weight for an ordinary person.
  • If you do sports/workouts, this is already 1.5g x 1kg of your weight.

So if you carry 90 kilograms, your norm is about 180 grams of pure protein per day. In comparison, it is not so easy to get from natural products.

And with a decrease in the fat layer, this is very critical. If there is not enough protein, the body can partially use its muscle tissue when losing weight.

These are typical problems of losing weight. Solely on counting calories without taking into account the balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. As a result, the lack of protein takes away excess fat and part of the muscle. Which the metabolism slows down, and various health problems can appear, including with the immunity system. Therefore, a sufficient amount of protein in the diet is mandatory.

In addition, protein flavoring options are a great alternative to sweets, which many people love.

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Which weight loss Supplements are better, in my opinion?

None, but this is in my opinion. The fact is that complex fat burners are a combination of different amino acids. 80% of which we do not need separately. Some vitamins and stimulants.

Their actions are based on developing your nervous system. And make your workout more in the gym than you can. And then, as a rule, there is a withdrawal. In addition, after most pre-workouts and fat burners, it is difficult to fall asleep. Suppose we use them in the evening. I take them separately, all these functional components from the pre-workout, and mix them as I need.


Preferred weight loss supplements

The standing component is l-carnitine. It is a fat transporter, which delivers it from the mitochondrial cells for subsequent oxidation.

L-Carnitine has a fairly large evidence base. And it is present in almost all weight loss supplements. But often in some micro dosage. I recommend taking it separately.


Also, for the productivity of training, I recommend taking beta-alanine very effective stuff. Significantly raises your stamina performance.

Again. Most pre-workouts have it. But it’s not much. It is better to take it separately. And a mix of beta-alanine with l-carnitine before training grams of 2 is the key to successful training. Without unnecessary stimulants and other useless components.

You can also add citrulline to this mix. which increases the pumping and delivery of muscle nutrients. But with a low-carb diet, pumping is so-so. Therefore, I recommend it more when gaining weight.


My preferred weight loss supplements

If you still want to try any weight loss supplements for some reason. Then I can recommend lipo-6. At least this is what I liked more than the others.

In principle.

  • protein
  • l-carnitine
  • beta-alanine

Are already a good basic set. And you can limit yourself to it. At least this is the first thing that I would recommend taking. And then we can continue the list indefinitely.

I will probably mention the most essential supplements of the second plan.

Bcaa and Glutamine.

These are excellent acids that have proven themselves in

scientific research and in real practice.

Is there a possibility?

I recommend it. But not in the first place. I used it when losing weight.

Bcaa has a more significant effect on the recovery and preservation of muscles in case of deficiency. And glutamine to restore immune function.


I can also recommend vitamins. But again, they don’t directly affect weight loss. And more is the basic component of the diet. It is not necessary to drink vitamins directly when you are losing weight. The main thing, in general, is to maintain a high level of vitamins in the diet.

As a rule, take them in courses, regardless of whether you reduce the fat layer or gain weight.

Vitamins, by the way, have a cumulative effect. That is why, with a more or less adequate diet, it is not necessary to drink them constantly. Enough with courses.


omega-3, which I recommend taking regularly. And Coenzyme q10, which I recommend to everyone after 30.


To sum up, the basic recommendation is:

  • protein
  • l-carnitine
  • beta-alanine.

And preferably:

  • Bcaa
  • Glutamine.
  • And you can take vitamins.

That’s it. I will clarify that many other weight loss supplements affect performance hormone levels.

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