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Craving for sweets? A proven natural remedy to reduce this

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Pills and Supplements | 0 comments

Hello dear friends! I decided to write this article to help those who have an irresistible craving for sweets, sweet tooth who can not cope.

I have been asked similar questions more than once in social networks, and I didn’t know what to answer and advise.

But recently I read an article the results of which I will now share with you. It was published in the journal Nutrients, a group of scientists from New Zealand. This group conducted a rather interesting experiment: they took 56 people and began to feed them chocolate for 14-18 grams, and they relied on one serving.

These groups were divided into two equal parts. The first group was given an extract of Gymnema Sylvestre.

What is Gymnema Sylvestre?

Gymnema Sylvestre is a plant that is common in:

  • India
  • Asia
  • and even in Australia

It has been used for a long time in Ayurvedic medicine, for many indications, including:

  • diabetes mellitus
  • reduction of inflammation processes
  • reduction of caries processes in the oral cavity
  • and so on

But that’s not what we’re talking about right now.

How was the study with Gymnema Sylvestre against Craving for sweets?

So the first group of subjects was given 5 milligrams of tablets that contained Gymnema acids. But Gymnema acids are the main active ingredient of Gymnema Sylvestre.

The second group was given a placebo. And how did it all happen? At first, people ate pieces of chocolate. Then they were asked to evaluate how delicious it was for them and how much they still have a desire to eat chocolate. They were given either 5 milligrams of Gymnema acid or a placebo, respectively. After two minutes, they were asked to repeat eating chocolate again. The group that was given Gymnema acids noted that the chocolate does not have such a taste that they liked. And as a result, consumption decreased by 30%, compared to the control group.

It is a fairly significant statistical result.

Why did this happen? Firstly, Gymnema acids turn out to block the taste receptors that are responsible for the perception of sweetness. And secondly, they reduce the activity of the brain area that is responsible for the pleasure of sweets.

The most interesting thing is that the effect of Gymnema acids was most striking in people who had a strong craving for sweets.

Thus, a solution emerges: before each meal, which may potentially contain some sweets. People who have a craving for sweets can take the extract of Gymnema Sylvestre.

How much Gymnema Sylvestre should you consume?

It is usually recommended to take 100 milligrams somewhere 10-15 minutes before meals. And this can significantly reduce the desire to eat something sweet. Because there is no taste, and you chew the cardboard. Then why is it there at all?

But by the way, Gymnema acid only affects the taste buds for sweets. It does not affect other taste buds. Globally, if the food is not sweet, it will not change its taste, and everything will be fine.

Fortunately, we have a lot of available supplements that contain extracts of Gymnema Sylvestre leaves. The only catch is that they all contain about 400-500 milligrams of this extract per serving. Well, we need to achieve at least 100 milligrams every 3-4 times a day.

Well, I found the only acceptable option is a solution of Gymnema Sylvestre leaf powder. one milliliter of which contains 600 milligrams. That is, accordingly, for us to get 100 milligrams, we need to take 1/5 milliliter. And we know that in one milliliter, it is somewhere 28 drops. We round up 30 divided by 5, and it will be 6 drops of this solution. That is 6 drops per glass of water 10-15 minutes before meals. And then the craving for sweets will disappear.

Contraindications Gymnema Sylvestre against Craving for sweets

There are practically no contraindications for Gymnema. The only thing to be careful of is those people who take sugar-lowering drugs. Since it can cause a decrease in blood glucose levels, all this can lead to unpleasant consequences. But in any case, before embarking on such radical actions. Suppose you have any doubts about fluctuations in blood sugar levels. You need to consult your doctor. In principle, in general, the leaves of Gymnema are practically safe and have been used for hundreds of years.

Study Source:
Consuming Gymnema sylvestre Reduces the Desire for High-Sugar Sweet Foods

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