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How to Remove Belly Fat and Sides

by | Apr 4, 2021 | How to Lose Weight | 0 comments

There are several fundamental principles that everyone plans to remove the belly and sides. With the extra pounds should know about.

The first thing you need to understand is that the muscle group being trained. Has nothing to do with the fat deposits in its area. So, by training the press, you will not burn fat on the stomach. Even if you download it every day. Fat is oxidized in the mitochondria of the liver and in the mitochondria of muscle cells. If you are pumping your abs, you are not directly affecting your stomach.

Moreover, overzealous abs training, especially with extra weight. On the contrary, will cause the waist muscles to grow, which can make it even bigger. Therefore, the press is usually taken to train only with its own weight, for a large number of repetitions.

In general, the press, like other cortical muscles, participates in most basic exercises and is perfectly included in the work.


In 2018, a study was conducted in which 12 trained men, aged approximately 23 years and weighing, on average, 87 kg, took part. They performed 6-rep squats (80% of the working maximum) and a plank exercise, with an additional 20% of their own weight. That is, not just a “bar”, but also with additional weight.
Studies have shown that the plank exercise was slightly more effective in working the rectus abdominis (i.e., the abs). And in the oblique muscles and extensors of the back, it unconditionally lost.

Such studies show how effective the main basic exercises are for the muscles of the press, which, it would seem, do not involve it directly. And if your training program includes the entire set of basic exercises, then it is enough to train the abs in isolation 1 cut per week, as an addition to the main workout. And this is not done in order to remove fat from the abdomen, but to strengthen the muscles and after reducing the fat layer to show your cubes.

The next factor that needs to be taken into account is that the fat goes away evenly, covering absolutely all parts of the body. But the bad news is that it’s the last thing to go off the belly. The fact is that the stomach is actually the center of gravity.

And the preservation of fat reserves in this area is extremely beneficial for the body, as it requires minimal energy consumption when moving. As a consequence, the corresponding location of the receptors.

On the surface of fat cells are special molecules called receptors. These receptors carry hormone signals inside the cell that tell them what to do. Beta-1 receptors are responsible for lipolysis, that is, fat burning. And Alpha-2 receptors are responsible for its accumulation, that is, lipogenesis. The fact is that different areas of adipose tissue have different amounts of alpha and beta receptors. For example, in the lower part of the body, women have 9 times more alpha than beta receptors. Belly fat in men has similar characteristics. It was found that fat cells in the abdominal area accumulate fat 6 times more, and give it away 6 times less when losing weight.

In addition, there is also visceral fat, which is located inside our body and envelops large internal organs and arteries. The fact is that the energy function of fat is not the only one. And no less important is the protective one. Fat capsules around the inner edges protect those very organs from damage. And this is another reason why visceral fat, including in the abdominal area, will go away more slowly than in other areas. After all, the fat intestinal capsule is more important than, say, deposits on the hands or back.

Thus, you should be prepared for the fact that even with the right training program and the most thoughtful nutrition plan, the stomach will go away last. First, everything that can be done will go away. And at the end – the stomach. But of course, there are also anatomical features, when the location of the same alpha and beta receptors is slightly different. Someone by nature may have a relatively narrow waist, and the main supply of fat, for example, on the hips. The principle is the same. This fat will go away, but last of all. And some procedures, with the exception of surgical ones, that will allow you to locally reduce the fat layer in a specific place, simply do not exist.

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