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How to Burning Fat by Cardio Properly

by | May 12, 2021 | Burn Fat | 0 comments

If you want to burning fat layer by performing cardio effectively, you must adhere to specific rules.

  • pulse zone
  • speed

We are talking about classic cardio:

  • running
  • swimming
  • jumping rope
  • working on simulators designed for the upper body (row).

That is, we are not talking about some CrossFit-style workouts. There is a mixed load of strength and cardio. that is, we are talking classics purely.

Basically, of course, it’s running or brisk walking.

Ideal Pulse Zone for Burning Fat

A specific formula tells us about the pulse zone is 220 minus your age from 220; you subtract your age and get a certain number.

This resulting number is your maximum heart rate.

And from this resulting number of 60-70% will be your pulse zone for fat burning.


Your Age is 29

220 – 29 = 191 bpm (your maximum heart rate)

60/70% of 191 = 114/133 bpm (ideal range for burning fat)

If you do not bother too much, I will tell you an approximate number somewhere 120 125, maybe 130 beats per minute. On almost every simulator, there is a heart rate monitor on which you can measure your speed. And if you have if you walk or run on the street, then expect that this speed will be about 5 to 7 kilometers per hour.

That is, roughly speaking, it is either a speedy step or an easy run.

Again, the load will depend on your level of physical fitness. The higher it is, the higher the load and the pulse zone, respectively, can be higher.

If you have large fat deposits, it is better not to give the load on the joints. To start on the quiet, assumed from five kilometers per hour, is a fairly quick step. And gradually increase this load.

I will say in practice that if you have a sufficiently large excess weight. Then even a quick step of 5 kilometers per hour will already have a very productive effect on reducing your fat layer. Once again, if you have excess weight, take care of your joints, be careful with all this load, such as jumping and running.

Interval Cardio

There is also another type of cardio that is not quite classic and is called interval cardio. It is when you speed up for some short period supposed to be 30 seconds. And then you walk for a minute or more in a relaxed state.

Let’s say for 30 seconds; you accelerate there to 15 kilometers per hour; that is, you have a fast run. And then a 60/90 second or 120, depending on your level of physical fitness.

You go easily, yes, well, let’s say at a speed of 4/5 kilometers per hour.

And this cardio is preferable because it allows you to burn much more calories per unit of time. At the same time, you do not need to run at high speed constantly if we assume that you have an insufficient level of physical fitness.

and at the same time, in these short intervals of acceleration, there are 30-45 seconds, you have the opportunity to turn on the maximum of muscle cells. (well, if we take running, this is the leg muscles maximum of the muscle cells in the leg muscles) and thus cause the maximum hormonal release.

Thus, interval cardio increases the hormonal output and increases the amount of work done in one unit of time. Therefore, it is preferred.


But again, look at your joints for excess weight. If you started buzzing at 40 and have a relatively large excess weight, then take care of your joints. These accelerations can’t be dangerous enough.

First, lose weight more classically. And then slowly, you start running to load the joints to prepare them for this load constantly.

And of course, to reduce your weight as much as possible by the time you start to run slowly.

Combination for Burning Fat more effectively

If you want not just to lose weight, reduce the number on the scales but effectively change your body’s composition by increasing the amount of muscle mass and reducing fat.

Then, of course, the basics of your training should be strength training.

In general, a combination of strength training and cardio is the best option, as scientific studies show.

And to increase health to increase the total volume of muscle mass and to reduce the fat layer.

Therefore, the basis of this strength training.

Let’s say you worked out strength training for an hour to 20 30 minutes was like cardio.

Or three times a week fortitude up to an hour and a half and two or three times a week on a particular day of cardio is also allowed for an hour.

in general, to reduce the fat layer, the best option is a combination of different types of load

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