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Healthy Foods That You Can’t Eat Every Day!

by | Jun 19, 2021 | Foods | 0 comments

You, of course, have probably already seen various collections of the most harmful products. These collections are also available on our website. But there is one peculiarity: some normal, good, and healthy foods become harmful if you use them every day, a very unexpected twist. As they say, everything is good in moderation. And this article contains those “healthy foods” that, in general, you can eat, but if you eat them every day, it will harm your body.

How much rice do you need to eat in order not to break your health?

I must say that rice is one of the most popular healthy foods on our planet Earth. In many ways, of course, thanks to Asia, but in our region, rice is also a popular food. Rice is a normal food and, of course, it has certain useful properties. Unfortunately, this is an energy source with a high glycemic index – but okay, let’s skip this point. It is also helpful for:

  • nervous system
  • for the brain
  • joints and bones
  • helps to remove excess fluid from the body
  • fight some types of inflammation.

It also contains vitamins and minerals.

But I must say that eating rice every day is not very healthy. 2-3 times a week is fine, but not every day. What’s the problem here? And the problem is that the rice is very good for fixing. Yes, if there is rice every day, then we will go to the toilet very rarely. And it would seem that such a thing – well, we will go not once a day, but twice a week? But this is not nice. Suppose you go to the toilet on a large scale less than three times a week. Then you should already go to consult with a specialist. It’s a problem, and it is not good.

Of all the healthy foods, rice is the strongest food there is. And the consequences of such phenomena are very negative:

Food in our intestines will stagnate. It will provoke the processes of putrefaction and fermentation potentially. It can cause inflammatory phenomena in our intestines.

In some cases, this is even the cause of the development of intestinal cancer.

And in a good way, the intestines should work like clockwork, the food in it should not stagnate.

It is healthy eat eggs every day?

Yes, eggs are also a very, very popular food. And there are also a lot of useful properties there. It’s a good source of protein. I must say that eggs are the best source of protein because egg white is perfectly absorbed and contains a perfect amino acid composition. Eggs also have many vitamins, such as T, A, and K. They also contain helpful minerals, such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc. And eating eggs is also normal, as long as we don’t overeat of them every day.

And there are 2 problems here. The first is cholesterol. Eggs are the absolute champion in terms of cholesterol content. There is much more of it there than in red meat or any other sources at all. And who would not say that, but the increased use of cholesterol in most people leads to an increased risk of atherosclerosis.

Yes, of course, there are exceptions. Some people ate a few eggs every day and lived for 100 years. Yes, there are such people. But this is an exception.

How many eggs to eat without an increase in cholesterol?

And there are general rules. More often, if we eat 2 eggs, for example, it will lead to an increase in cholesterol every day again, if you know your cholesterol exactly. Suppose you have passed tests for your lipid profile. And you know your ratio and the absolute amount of high-and low-density lipoproteins. And you can see that your atherogenicity index is normal. Which means you can eat eggs. But if you have high cholesterol, then, of course, you should limit the eggs. And I must say this applies to most of us.

Moreover, in addition to cholesterol, eggs contain quite a lot of choline. Choline is also necessary for our body, but it already negatively affects our health when too much of it is received. There is a large study where it turned out that those people who consume more than one egg a day have a life expectancy below average. Therefore, you can eat eggs, but not very much, no more than one egg per day and even better, no more than two eggs per week.

By the way, I must say that this all applies primarily to the yolk. Because directly egg white, you can eat almost unlimited amounts.

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Can I eat red meat every day?

Of course, red meat such for example:

  • beef
  • pork
  • lamb

It’s a great source of protein. Protein is everything we need. You should eat about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

It is if you do not play sports. And if you do it, then 1.5 grams for each kilogram of your weight. and of course, red meat will be useful for:

  • our muscles,
  • joints,
  • bones
  • immunity, it will have a positive effect.
  • Etc.

There are specific buts. You can eat red meat, but not too much. And it is desirable, of course, again, not every day.

Why you should reduce the quantity of Read Meat?

The first problem is too long splitting. If we are so well loaded with some shish kebab or beef steaks, it will be difficult for our stomach to break down this food. And it will lie there from 6 to 8 hours, it is very, very much. Because if we eat a more dietary food, such as a banana or oatmeal. Then after a couple of hours, everything in the stomach is already broken down and evacuated to the intestines.

What can not be said about the meat that will lie with us all day or all night if we ate at night? And now imagine if we ate red meat in the morning and it will break down in our tense stomach for 8 hours. How much will we eat again in these 8 hours? Well, we’ll probably eat two or three more times.

As a result, the load on our stomach increases many times. Poorly digested meat in our stomach begins to rot. And this is accompanied by the release of such a gas as methane. And methane, in turn, will destroy vitamin b3. as a result, our blood sugar levels will rise. Moreover, this increased load on the stomach will cause increased secretion of gastric juice. as a result, we can develop:

  • gastritis
  • the feeling of heartburn abdominal
  • pain

Colorectal Cancer

And if you abuse it for a long time, you can reach an ulcer. And another negative impact of red meat is its carcinogenic properties. Recent studies show that regular consumption of red meat in dosages of more than 350 grams per week increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.

Therefore, red meat is, of course, still possible. But first, no more than 350 grams per week. And not every day, but a couple of times a week. And if we still love meat and need protein, then it is better to prefer white meat. That is, for example, birds or fish.

Potatoes are bad for your health every day.

I must say that potatoes are a very, very popular food in our region. Many of us probably eat potatoes regularly and some even almost every day. First, the glycemic index. In potatoes, it is 95; it must be said more even than in refined white sugar.

And the problem of a high glycemic index is not so much a set of excess weight since the total caloric content rather than the glycemic index directly affects the excess weight. But the problem is that the high glycemic index is about the inflammatory factor. We eat a lot of such foods, increase the processes of permanent micro-inflammation in our body. And this is the main cause of aging and the development of age-related chronic diseases.

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Another point is the very high starch content. In potatoes, its share is from 70-80%, depending on the variety. Our body does not know how to absorb potato starch effectively. To somehow digest it, you have to turn a large number of chemical reactions. And very often, excessive use of starch leads to fermentation and rotting. as a result, we may have:

  • bloating
  • an unpleasant feeling in the stomach

And this, in turn, interferes with the full functioning of the entire intestine. We will not absorb many beneficial vitamins. Starch also inhibits the absorption of iodine.

Moreover, if the starch was exposed to high temperatures, it turns into a certain sticky mass, which clogs the villi of our small intestine. And this greatly disrupts its work. Therefore, of course, you can still eat potatoes, but not very often. A couple of times a week and is not very large quantities.

Your Story

By the way, friends, write in the comments and which of these healthy foods do you eat? Or maybe you have completely abandoned some of these “Healthy Foods”? Tell us it will be interesting.

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