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Eye Food: 5 Super Things To Include In The Diet

by | May 21, 2021 | Foods | 0 comments

Any specialist will tell you that some visual disorders are congenital. Some others can be caused by external factors such as injuries. But there are also those problems that are caused by our lifestyle as well as our diet. Let’s talk about this Eye Food.

Proper nutrition can serve as excellent prevention, which will help avoid many vision problems, and some foods for our eyes are extremely useful.

What are these foods? We will analyze this article with you. 

So, first, in short, it is still worth talking about those foods that are harmful to our vision. And then we will talk in more detail about those foods that are useful.

Harmful Foods

of course, especially if we are concerned about our eyes, we should give up such things as:

  • sugar
  • salt

Especially in excess quantities, any canned foods for the eyes are also not desirable as a rule. And various smoked meats and sausages should be excluded. 

Even if we have problems with vision, it is often recommended to exclude:

  • strong tea
  • coffee
  • flour foods, primarily white bread

Important explanation. I’m not calling on all of you to drop the whole list. Well, except that sugar and sausage are probably all you need to give up. Other foods in moderation can still be consumed. But the keyword is moderate.

Well, now let’s talk about those foods that are good for our eyes. 


I think you were quite expecting her to be on this list. And it is no accident that it is in the first place. Here we will immediately add: and pumpkin and any other yellow-orange vegetables. The thing is that these same yellow-orange vegetables have their color thanks to such a substance as beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is not exactly vitamin A. this is a substance converted into vitamin A in our body. So when people say eat carrots, there’s a lot of vitamin A, people are right, and it’s not quite true.

Carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene, which is the raw material for producing vitamin A in our body. It is a slight distinction that is still worth considering.

So, vitamin A deficiency leads to dryness of the cornea and even to a deterioration in color perception. Studies have been conducted which have convincingly shown that: regular consumption of carrots improves vision. Especially, of course, if a person had a vitamin A deficiency before that.


Yes, blueberries are probably what many people expected to see in this top, too. It is such a top 2 carrot and blueberry for the eyes. Of course, it was impossible not to say about her. Blueberries are so helpful for the eyes that they are often used to make preparations designed to improve vision.

Blueberries are very good at helping our eyes recover from overexertion. It contains many anthocyanins. Which, by the way, provides it with such a dark blue color. It has been experimentally proven that regular consumption of blueberries improves the restoration of vision after strong light exposure. Yes, strong light exposure to our eyes is harmful. Strictly speaking, therefore, do not look at the sun with open eyes. Well, I guess with my eyes open, people mostly don’t look at the sun. But if you have a sunny day outside, then you should also wear sunglasses. Because through closed eyelids, there is still a load on the eyes, the light can be very significant. Therefore, as a recommendation, it certainly does not apply to nutrition, but it applies directly to the eyes. on bright, sunny days, wears glasses.

And if you are lying on the beach, you are sunbathing. Then from the point of view of eye health, of course, glasses are also better to wear. However, this may come into some conflict with the uniformity of the tan on the face. But this is a completely different conversation. 

Broccoli and Spinach

generally speaking, green vegetables (broccoli and spinach especially) contain such useful substances as:

  • lutein
  • zeaxanthin

They are in turn referred to as carcinoids and are contained in our retina. And they are also part of the so-called “yellow spot.” It is the area of most extraordinary visual acuity. So people who were deficient in these substances. Starting to eat spinach or broccoli, after a while, they may notice that their visual acuity has increased.

Again, I will emphasize once again if there was a deficiency of these substances before. And if the loss of vision is not associated with any other serious diseases.

However, it is worth saying that not only spinach and broccoli will help us here. In principle, other leafy vegetables will also be our allies. here you can also add to taste:

  • dill
  • parsley
  • lettuce leaves

Moreover, they will protect our eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

And it is especially worth mentioning about broccoli. Regular consumption of this vegetable contributes to the prevention of cataracts. Moreover, broccoli contributes to the prevention of cancer. It’s not really about the eyes, but it’s about our health, too. So I would recommend that everyone include broccoli in our diet.


of course, we all know that nuts are one of the most useful types of foods. so for our eyes are suitable:

  • hazelnuts
  • almonds
  • Brazil nuts
  • walnuts

And many others contain beneficial substances, in particular, vitamin B2 and vitamin E.

We need vitamin B2 for normal color perception. And also as a prevention of conjunctivitis.

But vitamin E is a powerful natural antioxidant. And it will protect the tissues of our eyes from free radicals.

moreover, nuts are rich in substances such as:

  • potassium
  • phosphorus is
  • a beneficial Omega-3 fatty acid that is very useful for our visual system

By the way, the most Omega-3s will be in walnuts. And there is a lot of vitamin e in hazelnuts.


Especially if we take fat varieties. They will be very high in vitamin B6 and, of course, Omega-3. I have said many times about the benefits of Omega-3:

  • immune system
  • nervous system
  • skin
  • cardiovascular system.

Omega-3 is also good for our eyes. So they help to maintain visual acuity and slow down the aging process. But vitamin B6 is essential for our nervous system’s normal functioning. When we lack vitamin b6, researchers have long noted that our eyes get tired very quickly.


And a separate point should be said about vitamins. 

The following vitamins are essential for our eyes:

  • Vitamin A or retinol. By the way, our ability to see in the dark depends very much on it. And in general, it strengthens our cornea of the eye. And it has a perfect effect on visual acuity.
  • Vitamin B1 or thiamine is also essential for us. It will help to normalize intraocular pressure. And also improve the transmission of nerve impulses to our eyes.
  • Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is essential for us. It will improve, as I have already said, the blood circulation in our eyes.
  • Vitamin B12 is also very important to us. Normal blood circulation also depends on it, and it greatly affects the work of nerve fibers.
  • vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It is a very strong antioxidant that helps to cope with the negative effects of free radicals. It also helps: 
  • the blood circulation of the eye is
  • protected from ultraviolet radiation
  • And, of course, vitamin E or tocopherol. it increases: the
  • the elasticity of our capillaries,
  • improves their permeability
  • and, like vitamin C, it is a potent natural antioxidant

it is worth saying that if we have a lack of any of these vitamins:

  • a
  • b1
  • b2
  • b12
  • c e

Then we may have problems with our vision. So a varied diet is a key to health and well-being. And as we found out in this article, a clear view.

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