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Liver: Warning Signs That The Liver Is Full Of Toxins!

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Health | 0 comments

The liver is a very complex organ of the human body, which is involved in almost all of its functions. So, the liver:

  • stores energy
  • is engaged in the production of proteins
  • is the largest gland of our body
  • and also performs the function of a filter that neutralizes toxins.

In addition, the liver is the second largest organ right after the skin, but very often, this filter breaks down:

  • Bad ecology,
  • poor nutrition,
  • alcohol,
  • some medications-all this has a destructive effect on our liver.

And very often, there may be problems with the liver.

But the good news is that the liver is a unique organ that can heal itself. Even if only 25% of its volume remains, it can completely recover and grow again.

Even when donors donate half of their liver, it completely returns to its original state over time. Unique, isn’t it? So this knowledge gives us optimism.

In this article, I will tell you about the alarming signs that our liver gives us, which can not be ignored. And if you find these signs in yourself, then, of course, you should not panic. You just need to know this to take further actions to improve your health. 

The main reasons

So what are the main reasons why there are problems with the liver? The number one reason, of course, is alcohol. Since alcohol processing products, acetaldehyde damages liver cells. Although, to a large extent, the sensitivity to the effects of alcohol is programmed in us genetically. Nevertheless, doctors say that when consuming more than 30 grams of ethanol per day, the load on the liver increases many times. And if you take 150 grams of pure alcohol, it is already the strongest poison for the liver. Well, this roughly corresponds to a bottle of vodka.

Also, the health of our liver is very strongly affected by such a thing as viruses. It is, of course, the hepatitis virus. Moreover, viruses may not manifest themselves somehow, and a person may well be their carrier.

Also, a very common thing is the stagnation of bile. This happens either due to some innate functional features. Or because, again, of improper nutrition and lifestyle.

Risk factors by bad Liver

What are the main risk factors that lead to liver diseases? First of all, this is excess weight because a violation of lipid metabolism usually accompanies excess weight. And this can lead to fatty liver degeneration.

Also, the use of a large amount of fatty and fried food. And also glucose and fructose sugars.

There is also a factor of heredity: if someone in your family suffers from liver diseases, then this may somewhat affect the likelihood that you will also have the same problems.

Well, and what are the main symptoms that can tell us about liver diseases and which in no case can be ignored in any way?


almost always, the symptoms that are associated with liver disease will be:

  • increased fatigue
  • weakness
  • decreased performance a
  • sense of apathy as
  • well as a drop in cognitive abilities (that is, mental ones such as memory and so on)

Suppose you feel such a thing that it can talk about problems in the liver, oddly enough. Because all this is accompanied by intoxication, and therefore a sick liver directly affects the overall well-being and motivation charge.

Skin changes

The next very significant sign is various skin changes. Because due to the release of bile acids through the skin’s surface, we can see signs of this disease.

it will be very characteristic:

  • The manifestation of such peculiar red vessels, in the form of spiders, more often, these stars appear either on the cheeks or on the wings of the nose.
  • The surface of the palm may turn red.
  • Fat cells may also appear on the skin.
  • Change the color of the language. A thick coating may appear on the tongue.
  • And another characteristic sign if you have a reddened tip of the tongue. 
  • Huge changes can occur with the skin. It is, of course, well known to everyone and yellowness, which can talk about hepatitis. By the way, hepatitis can be both viral and non-viral.
  • Also, the skin may become dry. Pigmented spots may appear on it.
  • Brittle nails and hair can also be a sign of a liver problem.
  • Another very significant sign is the bags under the eyes.

Varicose veins

Oddly enough, the roots of this problem often go to the liver. There is even such an interesting nuance here. Sometimes a person has hemorrhoids due to a sick liver.

Of course, this is not always the main leading cause, but this factor is present.

If you have any of these signs, then, of course, you need to consult a doctor.

Do not self-medicate. Contact a specialist who will help you.

Recommendations of Healthy Liver

And what are the main recommendations for prevention? How does it support a healthy liver so as not to lead to trouble?

in terms of nutrition, of course, you need to limit:

  • Alcohol, as well as everything fatty, even worse if it is fatty and fried, that is, deep-fried or fried fatty piece of meat.
  • Various cakes and pastries are also all bad for baking.
  • From the lifestyle, it is necessary to monitor your health. to prevent hepatitis b and c, well, that is, to wash your hands and not have promiscuous sexual relations.
  • control the weight
  • And in general, gastroenterologists recommend doing an ultrasound of the abdominal organs every year. We may not suspect, but often bile can accumulate in the gallbladder. Then the gastroenterologist should prescribe the appropriate treatment. in general. It is very desirable to do an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity once a year for prevention.

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