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Old Cells: How to Clean the Body from it?

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Health | 0 comments

Chronic low-intensity systemic inflammation. It is the basis of the symptoms and diseases that accompany aging. Today, let’s figure out what we need to do to clean our bodies from old cells and defeat this chronic low-intensity inflammation.

To defeat chronic inflammation is to defeat old age. well, as in all diseases, the approach to the treatment of chronic inflammation can be:

  • symptomatic
  • etiological

With the symptomatic approach, we struggle with the manifestations but not with the cause. Well, of course, it is more interesting to eliminate the cause since only this ensures that the disease will not return.

And the main fundamental cause of chronic inflammation and subsequent changes in the aging body are old cells.

Old Cells

Old cells release special substances, which act both locally, for example, in the joints, the nervous system, in the walls of blood vessels. So they work systematically.

the systemic effect of aging cells is that they release inflammatory substances that cause:

  • immuno-depression
  • disorders of brain function
  • hematopoiesis kidney function
  • heart function
  • and many internal organs

In short, if we have aging cells in our tissues, they poison the entire body.

Standing Cells

Standing cells begin to accumulate at a young age. Since they do not die, their number in the tissues grows. But if so, then there was an idea! What if we purify the body of aging cells? In theory, this makes it possible not to struggle with numerous disparate symptoms. And defeat them all at once in one fell swoop. This hypothesis was tested in mice. We developed a special line of mice that lacked aging cells. And their life expectancy immediately increased by 40 percent. At the same time, they stopped suffering from the diseases of old age.

For obvious reasons. Such an experiment can’t carry out on humans, because no one has ever brought out transgenic lines of people. So the scientists went the other way.


In September 2019, data from a human pilot study were published for the first time. And in this study, it was possible to prove reliably that the number of aging cells in the human body can also be reduced. It was done by the doctors of the Mia Rochester Minnesota clinic. And they used drugs called “senolytics.”

The very affordable drug “Dasatinib” has been known since 2006 and is now used to treat chronic leukemia. And the drug “Quercetin,” or rather a biologically active supplement. Quercitin, by the way, is present in:

  • red wine
  • red onions
  • apples

That is, it is widely present in natural plants. And in fact, it is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

And these participants were given Dasatinib at a dosage of 100 milligrams per day and Quercetin 1000 milligrams per day.

How much time does it take?

It took only three days for this study to take place and only three days for them to take their medication. And before taking Senolytics, people were taken pieces of skin, fat, and blood. for research.

And the same thing in 11 days. They repeated the sampling of skin, fat, and blood samples, and they also collected samples for the study.

After that, of course, they began to compare what was and what became. The number of old cells in the skin in the epidermis and in adipose tissue was determined, and the presence of proinflammatory cytokines was examined in the blood. That is, these are lymphokines and metal proteinases.

And here’s what we found. That 11 days after people stopped taking Analytics from them:

  • the number of aging cells in adipose tissue decreased by 30%
  • the number of aging cells in the skin decreased by 17%,
  • And the level of inflammatory cytokines decreased by about 40%. I.e., markers of inflammation.

That was quite a sensation. Because for the first time, we have received proof that the human body, roughly speaking, can be cleaned of the junk of old accumulated cells. Who lie idle and do only harm to themselves.

And the most interesting thing is that the use of these drugs was brief. The fact is that the aging process of cells does not go so immediately. And each cell of it ages within about a month. That is, from the transition of the cell from a young, normal state to old age. It takes about a month. That is since this transition takes quite a long time. Considering that it was enough to smash them there once, for example, like weeds. They took out the weeds in the garden. And then a month passes until new weeds start to grow. The same technique for old cells. But this was only the first phase of the research.

Research regarding dosages, various effects, both good and bad. They are also being conducted now. And it is expected that the final results of the study will be ready soon.

Don’t be in a Hurry

Despite such impressive results in the pilot study, I do not urge everyone to run to buy Dosatinib, Quercetin immediately. Take it and stay young.

In the first place, we do not know what side effects these drugs will bring in the actions in two. And secondly, we don’t know what side effects the very absence of aging cells will cause.

Because there is an opinion that aging cells protect our body from cancer, the tissues smoothly transition from the active state and stop dividing. And these cells lie there like some inert weight. Well, it can cause inflammation. But this is not as bad as the development of cancer.

For now, we will limit ourselves to more conservative methods. We will try to prevent the aging of the cells. Some technologies already exist today.

that is:

  • activation of sirtuins
  • autophagy
  • interval fasting
  • physical activity

To learn more:

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Senolytics decrease senescent cells in humans: Preliminary report from a clinical trial of Dasatinib plus Quercetin in individuals with diabetic kidney disease

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