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Itchy Palms: Causes and remedies

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Health | 0 comments


If you have itchy palms, you might be wondering if it’s a medical issue or just an annoyance. The good news is that most cases of itchy palms are not serious and can be easily treated. Still, if you’re having trouble sleeping because of your itchy palms or they’re making your life difficult in other ways. Make an appointment with your doctor to rule out any dangerous causes. Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and perform some tests to check for underlying causes. So he can recommend the best treatment for getting rid of your itching.

Itchy palms can be caused by many things.

Itchy palms can be caused by many things. But most of the time it’s due to allergies or irritants in the environment that cause your palms to feel itchy and uncomfortable.

Some common causes of itchy palms include:

  • Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • Allergies to certain foods or chemicals (such as latex)
  • Stress and anxiety

itchy palms by allergic

Itchy palms may be the result of an allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions are common, and many people have allergies to things in their environment. Some allergens can cause it alone, while other allergens can cause symptoms all over the body. When you’re experiencing an allergic reaction, your body reacts to something that is not normally harmful by producing antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE). These IgE antibodies react to these substances as if they are harmful invaders; this causes inflammation and other symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

  • Itchy palms or other areas of skin
  • Redness around affected areas
  • Swelling or puffiness around affected areas

Skin condition

Itchy palms may be caused by a variety of skin conditions, such as eczema. Severe itchiness is often associated with atopic dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Eczema is characterized by a red rash, dry skin, and scaling on the hands and feet. Atopic dermatitis causes a rash that can appear anywhere on the body but most often appears on:

  • the face
  • neck
  • wrists
  • lower legs.

It’s common for people who have atopic dermatitis to also have asthma or hay fever (allergic rhinitis). Allergic contact dermatitis can be caused by substances such as metals or rubber that come into contact with your skin when you wear jewelry or clothing made out of these materials.

  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatophytosis (ringworm)
  • Lichen planus (flat warts)
  • Lupus erythematosus (lupus)*Lichen simplex chronicus. This condition causes small patches of thickened skin where there has been itching for long periods.*

Stomach or intestines.

You might get itchy palms if you eat something that irritates your stomach or intestines. The foods most likely to do this include:

  • spicy foods, like hot peppers or spicy sauces
  • acidic foods, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits (oranges, lemons)
  • dairy products (milk, yogurt)

You might get itchy palms if you have diabetes or an overactive thyroid gland.

A number of conditions can lead to itchy palms. The most common are diabetes, an overactive thyroid gland, and an underactive thyroid gland.

If you have diabetes, your body doesn’t produce enough insulin or use it properly. This causes high blood sugar levels that damage nerve endings and skin cells. And you get mind-blowing itches from the skin irritation!

Overactive thyroids are caused by too much production of hormones from the thyroid gland in your neck. The extra hormones cause symptoms like weight gain, restlessness, and dry eyes. But they also make your palms itch like crazy!

Underactive thyroids don’t produce enough natural chemicals that regulate metabolism (the way our bodies process food). It turns out there’s a connection between dry eyes and underactive thyroids: both conditions cause itching because they affect how much moisture stays inside our bodies’ systems—and when there isn’t enough moisture around our eyes or palms (or anywhere else), we feel itchy! Graves disease is another type where people experience hyperthyroidism symptoms like eye swelling/dryness as well as severe itching on their palms.

Your doctor can help you figure out the cause of your itchy palms.

Itching palms can be caused by many different skin conditions. Your doctor will ask you questions and do a physical exam to figure out what’s causing your itchy palms.

Your doctor may also want to run some tests to rule out serious causes of it, such as rashes, allergies, or infections with bacteria or viruses.

If you have palmoplantar pustulosis (a rare skin condition that causes red pustules on your hands and feet), your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic cream to help clear up the infection. If the cause is not clear, your doctor may recommend using lotions or creams that contain menthol or camphor for temporary relief from itching until the cause can be identified and treated.

See a doctor to rule out serious causes

If your itchy palms are accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

  • A fever
  • Pain in the palm area or hands
  • Sores on your palms and fingers.

You should see a doctor to rule out serious causes. If you have it and you’re over 50 or under 30 years old, this is also something to discuss with your doctor. If you have itchy palms and have a family history of allergies, visit the doctor for more information about possible underlying causes.


If you’re worried about your itchy palms, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can help you figure out if there is a serious cause for your palms and how to treat them. If the cause isn’t serious, then they can give you some antihistamines or steroid creams that will make the itching go away.

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