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Workout Music: Does it Perform? Research results

by | May 26, 2021 | Fitness | 0 comments

There is a theory that music while workout can make you put more effort into your approach and even feel less pain. Now we will see if this is the case.

Let’s find out how important your associations with a particular song are. And how to use all this to raise your training to a higher level!

Would you think that coming to a workout for you, in many ways, has already determined the pace at which you will work, the complexity of the exercises that you will be ready to overcome, and even the level of pleasure that you will get from it?

In 2009, British scientists conducted an interesting experiment.

Without the knowledge of the athletes. They increased or decreased the tempo of the music in the hall by 10%. And saw how this would affect the subjects who were currently engaged in exercise bikes.

What is striking is that all the participants in the experiment unconsciously began to drive faster or slower.

And since music can affect speed, it can also affect the effectiveness of your workout. And now we will understand why this is happening.

Music affects the effectiveness of your workout.

The reason why music helps us train more effectively is usually explained by the fact that we cannot simultaneously and equally pay attention to all the information that our senses send us.

It means that when we focus on sounds or images, we begin to perceive fewer fatigue signals, which gives us the muscles.

And now we will look at one study on this subject.

You perceive fewer signals of fatigue.

The study, which scientists from the University of Washington conducted, showed that the experiment participants were engaged with the same load. They experienced less discomfort when listening to music, as opposed to those who trained in silence.

There was even another study in which earplugs were used, blindfolds were put on the eyes, and people were trained. Here they experienced even more discomfort from the same load during training.

It is attributed to the fact that there was nothing else to focus on except for the feeling of fatigue, and at such moments we especially begin to feel tired and even pain during the approach.

Music while Workout Distracts from the feeling of fatigue.

other experiments have shown that there is a connection between:

  • the tempo 
  • type of the music
  • and the effort we put into training

In these studies, the subjects talked about greater pleasure from the load. And that it was easier to carry when they listened to accelerated music. that is, faster music didn’t just distract them from their discomfort. But it also motivated me to try harder.

Music Motivates you to overcome discomfort.

Another feature of the music is that each of us likes something different. It is simply impossible to find universal music. which will motivate everyone equally.

A study in London showed. What is still very important to them is what associations you have specified in a particular song. It will determine the effect that it will have on you. there will be this:

  • joy
  • sadness
  • not the desire to do something
  • motivation

Your associations with a particular song are essential.

There are general recommendations. Include faster and more rhythmic songs for cardio training. And for power motivation. But the best option is to create a playlist for yourself. So you can influence the pace at which you will work comfortably.

Create your playlist

Experiment and pay attention to how you feel and how effectively you practice different songs. And you will find a way to spur yourself on when you need it most.

Share in the comments what kind of music you feel gives you energy and motivation during training. It can be a favorite song or even a direction in music. it will be interesting to find out who among us is still more.

My Music Workout Playlist

This monthly update playlist helps me especially during lift weights. Follow it, if you Enjoy the same music.

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