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Stomach Vacuum Every Day: What Will Happen To Your Body

by | May 28, 2021 | Fitness | 0 comments

Experts say that it is impossible to lose fat in a targeted way. For example, in the abdomen, fat burns only in those places where the body itself decides to save it or spend it. Yes, it is true, but there is one secret. The fact is that we can still reduce our waistline with one particular tricky exercise. And this exercise is called stomach vacuum. It will help to reduce the girth of our waist. And thanks to it, our stomach will not hang limp. But on the contrary, it will come into the tone and will be drawn in.

What is a Stomach Vacuum?

Stomach Vacuum is a particular exercise that has its roots in ancient yoga. But today, this exercise has received a new life. And it is becoming more and more popular.

The fact is that the transverse muscle is like a natural athletic belt. And in people who do not practice stomach vacuum, the transverse muscle is weak and stretched, and therefore the stomach of such people hangs limply. But if we practice this exercise. Then the transverse muscle comes into tone, becomes elastic, and tightens the appearance of our abdomen.

Even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that it was the stomach vacuum that allowed him to achieve maximum results in drawing the muscles of the abs and creating a narrow waist.

This article will talk about what will happen to your body if you do a stomach vacuum. And also how to do it correctly so as not to harm yourself.

1. Musculature

And so if we train the stomach with a stomach vacuum, then this is a great way:

  • strengthen our abs, that is, the rectus abdominal muscle
  • a toned look
  • also, protect our internal organs
  • and further, improve our posture

The peculiarity of this exercise is that with its help, we work out not only the external abdominal muscles. That is our famous abs, which we can already pump with the help of other exercises. But also the deep abdominal muscles. And we are also working on what I have already said about the transverse muscle. And a good plus of this exercise is that it does not require any unique inventory, equipment, and so on.

2. Digestive System

In addition to improving our physical fitness, stomach vacuum exercise also has a beneficial effect on our digestive system. Because it improves the functioning of our gastrointestinal tract, solves problems with:

  • irritable bowel
  • bloating
  • and poor digestion
  • It improves the lymphatic system because the movement of our lymph directly depends on the work of our muscles.
  • And, of course, the blood circulation, because the stomach vacuum gives a particular blood flow to our abdomen area.
  • Also, the pelvis. Which significantly improves the functioning of organs from this area.

3. Stomach Vacuum Technique

And now about the stomach vacuum technique and how to do it correctly.

We take the starting position. There can be several starting positions.

To all beginners and people who have not practiced anything like this before, they didn’t do many sports. The starting position is recommended. When we get down on our knees and put our hands on the floor, we can relax our abdominal muscles as much as possible.

People a little more experienced and advanced can take this position. When we sit on our knees, we slightly tilt the body forward and rest our hands on the floor or our knees. It is necessary to rest your hands because it allows you to relax your stomach. For beginners, it is essential to relax the stomach to feel the movement better. And more advanced people can already perform this exercise standing up, without leaning on anything.

How to do Stomach Vacuum?

And so briefly again:

  • beginners kneel and put their hands on the floor.
  • Slightly more advanced people sit on their knees and rest their hands on their knees
  • the more advanced ones perform standing up without leaning on anything.
  1. We begin to breathe slowly and deeply.
  2. We ventilate the lungs and pump oxygen into our system.
  3. Then we take a very deep breath in and a very deep breath out.
  4. after that, we stretch out our stomach and
  5. Try to hold this state for a few seconds. You do not need to keep it until the pulse is completely lost, until the eyes darken, until the maximum, especially if you are a beginner.

Excessive hypoxia will not do you any good. That is, you do not need to set a goal every time to hold out as long as possible. This approach will do us more harm than good. We do not force our training, and we do it calmly.

  1. several times inhaled deeply and exhaled
  2. several deep breaths full exhale
  3. drew in the stomach for a few seconds held
  4. let go, caught your breath
  5. again deep breath, exhale
  6. drew in the stomach for a few seconds held.

It is necessary to perform 5-10 approaches with small breaks in between. Suppose you find it challenging to do this exercise. That is another position that will suit you.

It is in the supine position.

we lie on our backs, bend our knees, do everything the same:

  • inhale, exhale,
  • hold,
  • rest for
  • five to ten repetitions

How to improve Stomach Vacuum Exercise?

Those people who practice stomach vacuum regularly and progress in it, it is recommended to complicate.

We complicate it by changing the position of the body. For example, if we started lying on our back, we practiced for several weeks. After that, we can move to the position on all fours. We also practiced for a few weeks. Then we can move into a position with our hands on our knees. And then we can move to the stand position.

But you do not need to go to the standing position immediately. It won’t do any good. We need to learn how to relax our abs and effectively retract them by engaging our internal muscles. In our normal life and normal training, as a rule, we are not involved. The transverse muscle is located very deep under the inner oblique muscle. And getting to it is very problematic. If you pump the abs, it is not included in the work.

So that’s the whole logic. We turn off our abs by leaning on something with our hands. With this there and we reach out to our transverse muscle, carrying out a stomach vacuum.

4. How often and at what time to make a Stomach Vacuum?

The main recommendation is that you do it in the morning on an empty stomach. This way, you will get the maximum effect. Sometimes you can hear a recommendation to do this exercise several times a day. I think this is excessive. Because any muscle requires rest, I would recommend doing this exercise no more than once a day and maybe even every other day.

5. Advice

Of course, a perfect combination will be a stomach vacuum plus a set of exercises for the abs. It will give the effect of synergy and maximum result. So if you want to:

  • reduce your waist circumference
  • improve your posture
  • relieve stress
  • increase the volume of our lungs
  • and work out your abs to look healthier and better
  • and at the same time improve the blood supply to our internal organs

That regular performance of the stomach vacuum is what you need.

By the way, have you ever made a stomach vacuum? or maybe you will start making it? Write in the comments and share it will be interesting.

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