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How to Gain Weight: The Best Supplements

by | May 6, 2021 | Fit Nutrition | 0 comments

Suppose you put together all the supplements that are directly or indirectly suitable for gain weight muscle mass. Then we will get a wagon of supplements.

This article will analyze what you need to take first and what is not necessary at all. 

Creatine for gain weight.

This is probably the first thing you should buy for weight gain.

Creatine is one of the most effective and scientifically proven supplements for increasing strength and muscle volume. We will not talk in detail about the mechanism of action of creatine. Since I have already described this in detail

To learn more:

Creatine: What is it and how it works

Protein for gain weight

The next supplement is protein. If you don’t consume enough protein, all the other supplements won’t make any sense.

Since you do not have enough building material for muscle fibers, protein when gaining weight, you need about one and a half to two grams per 1 kilogram of weight.

But why is a protein not in the first place?

In theory, all the protein we will get from natural products: fish and cottage cheese, and other things. But this is only in theory.

To get enough protein, you will have to eat quite a lot. And if you are not ready to carry a chicken breast in containers and eat it in large quantities, protein is easy to solve this problem.

In a few sips and get as much protein as is contains in the pieces of meat. In addition, protein isolate has much better absorption in contrast to the same meat.

And in fact, its bioavailability is higher than that of most natural products.

Add to this that protein loads the gastrointestinal tract much less and gets an excellent supplement to your diet.

Protein supplement is the product that is in the diet of any person who expects some result and more or less adequately trains.

Therefore, protein supplements and creatine are the best places to start.


True, there is still a gainer. Yes, the gainer is also suitable for weight gain, but there is one, but even a few but.

First, the main part of the gainer is carbohydrates.

In most cases, simple carbohydrates and a small portion of protein. And the gainer will help you only if you do not have enough calories from the main diet.

In addition, it is quite easy to compensate for carbohydrates from natural products.

A couple of bananas or some bread and got a portion of carbohydrates.

In nine cases out of ten, gainers are made on simple carbohydrates and are not much different from the same rolls.

Suppose protein is to compensate for the protein from natural products. In that case, you need to eat meat cottage, cheese, egg whites, or something like that, which is not always easy and convenient.

Then to compensate for carbohydrates, you can throw in a few bananas on the go, and the problem is solved.

In general, a gainer is usually not required. However, there are cases when even bananas do not climb, making it easier to drink a gainer. But this, as you know, is not a mandatory supplement.

The list goes on indefinitely:

  • BCAA
  • Glutamine
  • Arginine
  • Vitamins

Yes, all these are interesting supplements that help in muscle growth. But the main ones are creatine and protein.

Start with them, connect with Glutamine, BCAA, various individual amino acids, and others. However, no one canceled the vitamins with the courses.

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