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Growing Muscle x2: 6 Natural Techniques to Speed Up

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Bodybuilding | 0 comments

The same colorful liquids that you see in the shakers of bodybuilders in the Gym – this is the first thing that can accelerate your growing muscle.

6. Sports nutrition to Growing Muscle

I will name the minimum set that will immediately give you weight gains and help you maintain the muscles you already have.

These are creatine to growing muscle mass and strength, HMB – to enhance the action of creatine and the production of growth hormone, and personally, I like a bunch of citrulline and BCAA right during training. They will give energy and become fuel during the lesson.

Also, if you don’t get enough protein during the day, you can drink casein before going to bed. It is absorbed in 6-8 hours, and while you sleep, it gives a gradual and long-lasting saturation to your muscles.

It is a short list of supplements that are easy to use but that will give you results.

Now we move on to the technique, which is more challenging to perform, but it is even more effective.

5. Calorie surplus

Trying to gain weight and eat out of control is about the same as loading a TV series with a single 3G stick.

Today we ate more – muscle growth started, the next day we ran all day in business-we lose weight again.

It is one of the most important problems of muscle growth. They don’t have the energy to do it.

Speaking in the language of practice – you need to eat every 2-3 hours.

Do not wait for a feeling of hunger to sit down at the table. Make it a habit to eat more often.

If you learn to do this constantly, your friends will hardly recognize you on the street after a while. Because you will be very surprised at how much faster the muscles can grow if you apply at least one of these techniques.

4. High-calorie smoothies to Growing Muscle

When solid food is no longer enough, there is another option to get a powerful and healthy portion of calories. Namely, to drink them.

Take half a cup of oatmeal, a scoop of protein, one ripe banana, a tablespoon of peanut paste, and a glass of milk. Whisk all this in a blender.

So you will get a homemade cocktail that is pleasant to drink, which will help you create a surplus of calories needed for muscle growth.

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3. Clear goal

You probably don’t just want to build muscle. You also want to remove fat. And this is an normal desire.

But the bone in my throat is something that most people try to do at the same time.

To do this, they try not to overeat too much, and they mix strength training with cardio. That’s what you don’t need to do.

Eliminate cardio and minimize other activities.

On the one hand, you help the body gain weight by adding calories. On the other hand, you should not prevent the muscles from growing with additional activities.

If you worked out in the gym today, then decided to run again, ride a bike tomorrow, and then play football with friends, then all this will gradually put an end to the growth of muscles.

Therefore, answer yourself the question “what do you need more now” and move in this direction. If this is muscle growth, then the following advice will be extremely useful.

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2. Load progression

Speed up muscle growth or kick-start it if you’re stuck on a muscle plateau. The progression of the load can help.

Moreover, it is a prerequisite for muscle growth permanently.

At each subsequent training session, you should aim to do at least one more repetition in each exercise than in the previous session. If you did it, it means that you have ensured the progression of the load.

To track whether you can increase the load or not. I recommend using a training diary. in it, you write down:

  • the number of moves in each exercise
  • what weight you used
  • how many times you were able to do it.

And in the next lesson, you strive to do more. It is one of the essential principles that will give you stable muscle building in terms of training.

1. Periodization

What makes your workouts more varied and planned alternate their complexity is periodization. in a nutshell, this is the principle that you need so that you can build muscle permanently.

It means that if for a beginner, any exercises at first can give results. When you train for six months, a year, or more, it is advisable to use this principle. If this is not done, the muscles adapt to the usual load, and then their growth stops.

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