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After Workout: 3 Things to Try Post-Workout

by | May 24, 2021 | Fitness | 0 comments

Many things can significantly affect the recovery process and speed up your progress. And some of them are highly desirable to perform immediately after a workout.

Nutrients After Workout

First of these chips is a quick compensation of nutrients in the blood and cells.

The fact is that during physical activity, various macro and micro and nutrients are consumed. Which must be filled up as soon as possible. It is the energy component of creatine glycogen. Also, amino acids for building new muscle structures. and various minerals such as:

  • calcium
  • magnesium (which is responsible for the contractile ability of the muscles).

But if minerals like calcium and magnesium can wait. Then creatine, amino acids, or carbohydrates are better to start compensating as soon as possible.

Amino Acids

Amino acids, for example, are a building material. We have a certain supply of free amino acids in our cells and the blood. And it is estimated at 100 grams. When performing physical exercises and after them. Free amino acids from the blood and cells are consumed by the body quite quickly. As a result, the amino acid pool becomes smaller. That is why after training, it is customary to drink whey protein or complex amino acids. Which are quite quickly absorbed. By the way, as I said earlier, every muscle cell has a supply of free amino acids. And if they are not available at certain times, they can be taken on credit.

For example. If you have trained your arms and the body needs explicitly amino acids. It can take them conditionally from the muscles of the legs. Muscle cells, in general, are a kind of reservoir for the accumulation of various nutrients and energy. And the fact that amino acids are spent from other muscles is not terrible. The process is quite natural.

The main thing is to restore the total supply of amino acids to fill all cells again. This process begins immediately after training.

The same applies to creatine and glycogen stores.

Creatine After Workout

The latest scientific data, by the way, showed that creatine gives the maximum effect when taken after a workout. After a sharp decrease in nutrients for training, the body increases its absorption immediately after it. This is called the energy window. Someone calls it protein, and someone calls it carbohydrate. The body is more active in absorbing all the nutrients after training. In addition, after training, there is a very high level of the destructive hormone cortisol in the blood. And in general, we are in a state of catabolism. Taking the same raw protein, gainer, or amino acids. Triggers the release of the most powerful anabolic hormone insulin. Which switches the processes of catabolism (i.e., destruction) to anabolism (i.e., growth).

And given the accelerated absorption of nutrients, eating easy-to-digest foods after a workout is a perfect idea.

With weight loss, it can be:

  • complex amino acids
  • raw protein

And on the weight gain:

  • Gainer
  • Raw protein with bananas
  • Creatine

Hot Shower After Workout

The next thing you need to do after a workout is to take a hot shower or bath.

High temperatures affect the body in two directions at once:

  • increases the release of somatotropin (growth hormone responsible for the growth of muscle tissue and fat burning)
  • increases the synthesis of heat shock proteins. Which strengthens the immune system, cardiovascular system and increases the growth of muscle tissue.

Growth hormone is unique in its way. Since it has a destructive effect on adipose tissue and stimulates muscle growth. It is an adaptive stress hormone. That is one of the tools for maintaining the constancy of the internal environment of homeostasis. When the external temperature changes dramatically, the body needs much energy at the same time to sustain internal constancy.

The body does not understand what is happening outside. After all, you may have fallen into such a temperature regime for a long time. And the first reaction of the body is to prepare an affordable and powerful source of energy. The fat that is in the cells can not be used many times. To do this, you need to deliver it to the blood and then to the mitochondria.

Just growth hormone and provides blood purification with fatty acids. Thus, any sudden temperature change is accompanied by the release of growth hormone. It has a positive effect on reducing the fat layer and gaining muscle mass.

The same effect can be achieved in the sauna and when using a contrast shower. But a hot shower is the easiest and safest option. In addition, under the influence of hot water, cells emit heat shock proteins. These proteins help to structure better all other proteins in the body, including muscle proteins.


Heat shock proteins, or HSP. Helps to dispose of the body’s old debts. Replace them with new ones and put them together in the right way. Simply put, HSP increases the qualitative gain of muscle mass. And increases the body’s adaptation to physical activity. In parallel with this, heat shock proteins has a beneficial effect on:

  • immunity
  • strengthen blood vessels and
  • heart muscle

Quality Recovery

The next step is to prepare yourself for a quality recovery during sleep.

the following factors can prevent a high-quality recovery:

  • seizures when falling asleep during sleep
  • restless, shallow sleep slowing down the speed of recovery
  • problems with falling asleep due to activity overexcitation of the nervous system after training
  • increased load with an unstable soft nervous system, which again reduces the quality of sleep.


One of the simplest supplements is magnesium. Due to its properties, magnesium can affect the relaxation of the muscles and nervous system. This mineral, along with calcium, prevents cramps when falling asleep. And you can take a magnesium supplement immediately after training and two to three hours before going to bed. When you fall asleep, the magnesium will already start working.

The following supplements that are harmless perfectly calm the nervous system are:

  • valerian extract and the like

Some supplements combine several herbs at once.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (Gaba)

The next additive is gamma-aminobutyric acid. There is a study where in addition to a positive effect on the nervous system. Gaba has a positive effect on the production of growth hormone at rest, increasing it to 400%.

In principle, in most cases, Gaba combined with complex soothing herbs will already be enough to bring sleep in order. Even if you do not have problems with sleep, these supplements will improve their quality, which will significantly affect the overall recovery. And it will reduce the minimum time needed to get enough sleep and have a good rest.

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